Saturday, November 8, 2008

Seven Weeks

Yesterday Evie turned seven weeks old. I didn't have time to write a full post about it because Jen is here visiting for the weekend and we stayed busy all day. Today has been full as well, so I'm keeping this brief. Here is Jen with Evie:Thanks so much to Jen for flying out to visit and help out for the weekend. She's pregnant with her second child and allergic to our dogs, so I feel very loved that she still wanted to come see us and help do dishes and hold Evie while I do laundry and brush my teeth. (Thanks to her parents, too, for watching her son, Eric, over the weekend.)

This week, I feel as though Evie is growing before my eyes. I've realized, seemingly all at once, how much longer and chubbier she is getting. Six week growth spurt? I weighed her with my inexact bathroom scale method and she appears to be about 11.5 lbs. There are a couple of 0-3 month outfits that no longer fit (mainly because of her fluffy diapers). Look at my adorable little pudge!

Week seven has been the week of being sick and even though Evie and I have been under the weather, she's continued to grow and develop. Her neck control gets better, she smiles more and her "playing" is more enthusiastic every day. I'm feeling better today and since I got the cold the day before she did (I'm pretty sure I gave it to her), she should be feeling better tomorrow.

The promised baptism post will also finally happen tomorrow!


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