Monday, March 17, 2008

The Most Interesting Day

So, Friday, March 14th, 2008 was the most interesting day of my life. Not the best, not the most exciting, but the most interesting. Hmmm...

1. It was the first day of my Spring Break

2. We had cleaning ladies coming to sweep up the dog hair etc. before my in-laws arrived that evening

3. We were packing for our trip to New Orleans for the week of Spring Break (Saturday-Friday) and specifically getting ready for our flights the following day

4. We had tickets for Rent at the Music Hall at 8pm (we did go see it, and it was great)

5. I found out that some hacker/fraud/jerk (probably Nigerian?) had cracked my e-mail password (not so hard since it was four letters and I hear that they have technology to crack those easily these days) and had forwarded my e-mail to him/herself and then accessed my ebay account, changed my ebay password and proceeded to attempt to scam ebay sellers by using my 100% perfect feedback score as a way of luring them into a trap. When I finally figured this out, the scammer had purchased a laptop and a PS3 system with my ebay account, and had not yet paid for them (and yes, don't worry, I've changed my e-mail, ebay and paypal passwords as soon as I found out what was going on). Who knows how the person was planning to pay for these items, but my paypal account and credit cards are A-OK at this point. And the reason I found out that my e-mail had been hijacked? I guess I should have known something was going on when I hadn't received any e-mails at all for a whole day (that is very rare for me) but it was one particular e-mail that I was waiting for that finally wised me up to a problem and prompted me to have a particularly annoying and repetitive live chat sesson with an Indian customer service guy working for Earthlink (resulting in finding out that my e-mail was being forwarded to a scammer)

6. As I was finishing brushing my teeth at 9am, the phone rang and I went to the bedroom to pick it up. It was our adoption counselor, letting us know that there is a family who would like us to adopt their daughter. The counselor told me that she would e-mail me the birth family's home study, so that J and I could make a decision. Thus, I was waiting for a very important email and discovered that my e-mail was not working.

We did finally fix the problem, contact the counselor, receive the e-mail, call the counselor back, etc. Here is our tentative timeline for the future:

Now: freak out, discuss names, pinch ourselves, buy baby clothes (so far I've hit Babies 'R' Us, The Children's Place, Baby Gap and Steve and Barry's for sale items) and tell people (but not everyone, since the adoption won't be finalized until Clio is born). And, celebrate St. Patrick's Day in New Orleans! Lots of green beads.

Wednesday, March 26th: meet the birth parents! We can't wait, for so many reasons. Chief among them being that we'll get a better sense of whether or not they seem committed to letting us adopt Clio, and we'll be better able to predict what she'll look like eventually.

Thursday, March 27th: officially announce my resignation (if the Wednesday meeting goes well) from my school (i.e. not turn in my contract for next year)

June: prepare the nursery and take our 10th anniversary vacation (which was supposed to be in mid-July, but now we'll be sleep-deprived and probably happy to just have a nice steak and a glass of wine for our actual anniverary on July 18th)

July 6th: Clio's due date (her birth mother's first baby was born at full-term, so we're hoping for the same)

So...the most interesting day of my life.


  1. So, so, so happy for you both!!! And, SO glad you'll be blogging all the details so we can all stay up to date!!!!

    ***more hugs!!**

  2. Congrats!! I'm excited to read your journey through your blog. (I also used to write on preconception...)


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