Saturday, November 1, 2008

From my baby box

For fun, I dressed Evie up in some clothes from my babyhood. She was not amused, but I got some cute pictures.

This was my Christmas dress (I was born in December):
The embroidery on this is so cute: It's hard to see, but this one has kittens on the dress. It came with a matching diaper cover but the elastic on the cover is shot, so she's wearing one of her own covers. Amazingly, she's already too big for this dress. I couldn't button the top button in the back because her neck is too chubby! :)


  1. How cute! I wish I had some of my clothes but I'm not sure my son would appreciate that. ;) I love the last one! You must have been tiny!

  2. Oh, you're making me wish Snippet was a girl for a day, just so I could dress him up in my old clothes! I only have one outfit, though, and it looks a lot like your kitten dress, only in pink instead of green---same kind of stiff fabric, though.

    I think Evie looks adorable in your clothes. What a sweet idea. =)


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