Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nets and Jeans

I'm still writing about choosing an agency today/tonight, but I had to add a bonus post because I have cute pictures and something amusing to share. Because I'm posting this now, I'll probably post the agency one at 2 AM. Sigh.

Anyhow, today was a huge milestone for Evie: her first blue jeans! These were a present from her Aunt Angela. They are 6 month size and fit around her hips (because of the diaper) but are too big around the waist and way too long. They comes so far up her belly that J and I were joking about "mom jeans." Too cute:

One of J's projects for today was putting up a stuffed animal net in Evie's nursery. Here is the result. I love that it seems her animals are hanging out in a tree house! They will probably stay just like this for 3 years since none of them are approved for children under 3 years old. :)
J also put up two more stuffed animal nets, after connecting them into a square with zip ties. He put them up as a kind of acrobat's safety net over our basement stairs. In Evie's five week post I referred to an incident when she threw herself toward them as I was walking by the railing (if you follow that link back, scroll down to the bottom of the post, it's a looong one). It freaked me out so much that I started nagging J to come up with a solution. Our house was built in the 1960's and originally the only way into the basement was through the garage. The basement is huge, though, and the original owners (we are the second owners after the original owners lived here for almost 40 years) decided to finish the basement. Having a finished basement is nice (well, it was nice when they did it in the 70's, now the panelling is just depressing...) but it is inconvenient to have a finished basement that is only accessible through the garage. So, they made a hole in the kitchen floor and put in some very steep stairs leading down into the basement. The hole in the floor is surrounded by a non-code wrought iron railing. We need to replace this soon because it is sure to trap Evie's head at some point if we don't. Back to my point, as you walk through the kitchen you walk by this wrought iron railing, which is effective at preventing J and I (clumsy as we are) from falling down the stairwell. However, our main phone is mounted on the wall over the stairwell and occasionally we don't get it seated correctly in the base and it falls to its "death" down the steep staircase. We have dropped enough things over this railing (accidentally) to know that the fall is not a kind one. When I was hanging up the phone with Evie on my shoulder and she threw her torso toward the stairwell, I practically fainted with fear. I am absolutely certain that a fall over this railing would kill Evie. After the scare, I sat J down and lectured him about how we both need to keep both hands on Evie at all times when we are walking around with her. That's all well and good, but this is even better:
Funny-looking but effective. The nets are advertised to hold up to 30 pounds. No, we have not tested the net by putting Evie into it, and if J does so when I'm asleep I don't want to know about it. This post gets my first "baby proofing" label, but it's more like parent proofing. Our phone is relieved, too.


  1. So now do you toss Evie in there to see if it works?? KIDDING!!! :-) The netting is cool- trust an engineer to come up with it. :-)

  2. BTW- John saw your netting and said, "It's a good thing they have a daughter b/c Eric would look at that and think 'Oh boy! TRAMPOLINE!!"


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