Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Quilt from Grandma

This weekend my mom brought Evie a quilt that she's been working on for months and months, I *think* since before we were matched with Lucy. It is a Classic Pooh theme, of course, to match Evie's nursery. My mom has been buying every Classic Pooh fabric she could get ahold of, for years (ever since we started TTC). It is absolutely perfect and will hold a place of honor in the nursery. I am sure Evie will treasure it forever.
When she was planning for the quilt, my mom asked me what I'd like to be the focal point and I came up with the idea of Christopher Robin reading a book to Pooh. I'm an English teacher, of course, and reading is important to me. I can't wait until Evie is old enough for me to read the stories of Winnie the Pooh to her at bedtime. My mom tricked me by telling me that she couldn't do what I'd asked because she couldn't find a good picture of C. R. and Pooh reading, on which to base her applique. I guess it was what you'd call a "white lie:"
Thanks Mom! It's gorgeous. The love sewn into it is visible and tangible.


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