Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Still here, still sick, still no pics from this weekend, except:

My mom, J's mom and I made cupcakes on Saturday to take to church on Sunday and serve after the service, in celebration of Evie's baptism. Here are the ones with vanilla icing:
Here are the cupcakes with chocolate icing:This is my mom. I don't remember why this picture was taken, but she was the icing queen, mixing confectioner's sugar and butter like nobody's business. The cupcakes were delicious and, of course, we have lots of leftovers. If anybody local wants one, just stop by. I don't have a pic of J's mom in the kitchen, but here she is with Evie the day before. She was the cupcake grand pooba and master of ceremonies, bringing the vanilla cupcakes with her (pre-made and frozen), along with the recipes and supplies we needed to make the super special M@gnolia Bakery recipe. She ran the show, my mom was second in command and I stood there feeling helpless and getting in the way, mostly. I am sadly inept in the kitchen and I'm very grateful to J's mom that she passed on her domestic diva skills to him, so that we eat more than lasagna and 7 layer dip for dinner. But I digress...

The baptism was great, both R and G were there and I promise I'll write more when I finally get some pictures. Today, Evie and I are going to stand in line to vote. I'm going to bring her diaper bag with me because the lines might be horrendous since Missouri is a swing state. We were supposed to start going to a momma/baby aerobics class tomorrow, but I'm thinking that we shouldn't expose the others to our cold germs?


  1. Great, now I really want cupcakes!

  2. I want a cupcake!

    I know we don't know each other well, but if you ever need a dose of sanity (or as much sanity as I have available), I'm always willing to come over and lend a hand, and I'm just down the street in Lee's Summit.


  3. Hey KC! You are more than welcome to come by and hang out (and have a cupcake!). I talked to Jen and it would be fun to have you visit this weekend while she'll be here. I'm down in Lee's Summit occasionally for my baby yoga class, so let me know if you're free on Fridays during lunch :)


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