Friday, November 14, 2008

Eight Weeks

I'm going to save some info from this week for Evie's "Two Months" post, since it is 11:20 as I'm starting this. Her 2 month post will probably get posted on November 20th after her 2 month doctor appointment.
  • Evie is endearing herself to us by sleeping through the night (7-8 hours). The past few nights she's slept from approximately 10 pm to 5 or 6 am. I think we'll keep her! (wink) Unfortunately, my mother warns me that this doesn't mean she'll stay this way. Apparently, my brother slept through the night early on but then woke up for an early morning feeding for a long time, starting at about 3 months old. We'll have to wait and see.
  • This week we did the official transition from 0-3 month clothes into 3-6 month clothes. She would still be in 0-3 if it weren't for her fluffy cloth diapers, though.
  • This week we started a mama/baby aerobics class called "Burn, Baby, Burn." It burns, it burns! Evie sleeps through most of it until we use the babies during stretching at the end, but my quads and hamstrings are killing me. I haven't done aerobics like that in too long. The instructor also teaches the "boot camp" class and I don't think she sees a big difference between boot campers and new moms. It is probably easier for me since I didn't go through pregnancy and L&D but I have to say that the state of my flabby stomach would lead some to believe I had given birth. Sad, but true. Baby aerobics is about 100 times harder than baby yoga. Big surprise. The yoga this morning was a welcome chance to stretch out the muscles that I abused on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Today, really just today, after I've been complaining to everyone who will listen to me that Evie doesn't smile enough at me and that I'm jealous of her smiling at Rabbit and at J, after all of the angst, Evie finally seems to understand that I covet her smiles. She has started offering them, not generously, but benevolently. Here are a couple of shots that come closest to capturing a smile:

    By the way, all of the pictures in this post were taken today. We've fallen into a phase of parenting where the camera isn't glued to our hands anymore. Evie is on her tummy in the previous picture because we've started doing some tummy time before and/or after diaper changes, since she loves her changing table so much. Here's our little genius showing off her neck control:With each passing week and each passing day, Evie gets more and more excited about play time. I'll try to upload some video of this eventually, but she is so wiggly these days, waving her hands to bat the toys and kicking her legs. She also, unfortunately, likes to wiggle and kick in the bath now. The past two baths have ended up with my clothes and the kitchen floor wet. Perhaps we need to move to the tub? Here is Evie kicking and wiggling in her play gym:

    Tomorrow I'll resume my posts about adoption and write about choosing an agency.


  1. Man, she is getting cuter and cuter! I love those sweet cheeks!

  2. She is getting those little round cheeks that are so wonderful in babies! So cute! :)

  3. She's a cutie hon! If she wiggles too much in the infant tub, you can always use the duck! You'll have to hold her at first (we had to do this with Eric b/c of his wiggling and size). Let me know when you guys start using the duck (I thought you said you had one) and take pictures!!


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