Sunday, February 1, 2009


Look at this: This is Evie asleep in her crib at 8 pm. This is Evie asleep without being held, rocked and soothed to sleep by her parents. This is Evie asleep after being read a few books, listening to her mobile once and having her pacifier replaced once.

She napped this afternoon the same way. She went into the crib awake but sleepy, needed her pacifier replaced four times, then slept for 30 minutes.

I don't know what to say, except: will it last?


  1. Ooh... I remember those firsts with Eli. He was a "hold only" baby. It drove me crazy. Then, one day...I laid him in his bed and he went to sleep. I was...somewhat nervous. I felt like I had some sort of magical power all of the sudden. What a great feeling. Just keep trying it and soon she will know no different. Funny how things like this make us so happy isn't it? Oh...and I am working on a post about our love story like you suggested. It's LONG. But I want the kids to have it....

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  3. Super-duper!!!! Yay for sleeping Evie!


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