Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So I'm filing Chapter 11 tonight...not for our finances, for my time. The babymoon is over, the crap is hitting the fan.

I'm under attack...I'm taking cover...(I'm humming ABBA)...

Evie is fine, she's more than fine, she's perfectly wonderful! She started babbling in earnest today...babbling in which she opens her mouth as wide as it will go and uses her tongue. It's adorable. I've seen this coming because for the past couple of days she's been staring hard at our mouths when we talk and opening and closing her own mouth silently, practicing. Today she let loose and I see much babbling in our future. She got the rest of her 4 month shots (Prevnar, Polio and Hib) yesterday and took them bravely, but her eating and sleeping has been unusual ever since and I'm hoping she's back to herself tomorrow.

But me, I'm not OK. I'm completely overwhelmed with people who need things from me. I only have 24 hours per day and Evie gets first dibs for the 8-10 hours that she's awake each day. Until a couple of weeks ago it was pretty easy to find time for blogging by cutting short my own sleep time (my blog layout doesn't show post times anymore but when it did they were usually late at night or during one of Evie's naps during the day). Easy, because I have been cutting my own sleep short for years, staying up to all hours reading and grading student essays or staying up late writing essays when I was a student. It's not so easy anymore. My days are so full that I am completely exhausted by the end of the day and when it comes time to choose between blogging and sleep, I am choosing sleep.

Chapter 11 is the type of bankruptcy where a company gets to restructure, reorganize and reprioritize. That's what I'm doing to my life right now, and it feels right to push blogging down on the priority list until I figure out what the heck is going on. The first step was deciding not to do IComLeavWe this month, then I stopped reading several blogs and sites that I've read for a long time (e.g. Dooce, Pioneer Woman, Pajiba) and now I'm behind on reading several blogs that I usually keep up with. I'm going to try to keep posting about once a week and see how it goes, and I'm going to try to keep up with the blogs I normally read, but I'm not going to be as active as I have been. Because I'm scaling back on posts, I've come up with some other ways to keep track of my days with Evie. I've started doing this (thanks to Lori for the idea) and I'm going to use Twitter if anything interesting (to me) happens and I don't have time for a full post about it.

Anyhow, hopefully things will calm down at some point (although I'm not sure how or why since I didn't see this tidal wave coming in the first place...) and I'll be back in the black.


  1. Hey...just do the best you can! We all have to take some time to catch up and regroup from time-to-time. You will be missed on the blogosphere!


  2. I love this concept. It's like time-out for mom but more restorative.

    I will be borrowing this idea...

  3. Ah yes. I go through those times too. It will pass either because you change something or Evie does. Don't forget that you can't draw from an empty well. Make sure you make time for yourself every day, even if it is 15 minutes or so. That has made all the difference for me. Be thinking of you!

  4. Do what you gotta do! I would choose sleep too. Hoping things get a bit easier for you soon.

  5. This is how I felt for a while... Hope you get everything under control.

  6. That said, don't feel obligated to participate, but I want you to know that I tagged you for the Sisterhood award today. You can check out my blog for details if you ever feel you have the time. But more than anything, I just wanted you to know that you've impacted me a great deal during the short time that we've communicated. <3

  7. Amen, sistah........there are practically tumbleweeds blowing through my blog right now.......

  8. I think we all feel overwhelmed right now. I hope you feel better soon!

  9. I know what you mean ....I've been out of touch for almost a month now. Most importantly I'm glad to hear that Evie is doing great!

  10. Baby comes first. When my twins were small, I quit blogging for over a year. I just couldn't keep up with everyone's blogs or my own. On the rare days where I had a free moment or two, all I wanted to do was sleep. We'll miss your post but we'll know you're doing something very important with your time!

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    And hang in there!


  12. I'm sorry you won't be posting as much! I'll miss you! But I can understand the need for a break.

  13. Good luck finding a new balance in life!


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