Sunday, February 15, 2009

Almost Five Months Ago...

I edited the video from our stay with Evie in the hospital and hotel so that it would fit, along with pictures, within one song. These pictures are old news but the video is freshly downloaded/uploaded. I just love looking back at this footage and seeing how much she has stayed the same in her facial features and yet is completely different in her facial expressions and body movements, and size of course!


  1. Very sweet video and I love this song! What a cute face she makes at the end. :)


  2. That was really wonderful, Karen! You did a great job. The song was just perfect. She's so sweet!

  3. What a great video you put together! She's such a doll!

  4. What a great song to put with those images. She's got such a cute scrunchy face there at the end :-)

  5. Beautiful, Karen! And, a very sweet song, too.

    I love watching her sneeze!!


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