Monday, February 2, 2009

Nap Time Bonus Pictures

Evie not only stayed asleep last night but slept for 12 hours (8 to 8). I was able to feed myself AND the dogs this morning before she woke up. Wow. Then after a 9-9:30 nap in her swing and a bunch of play time she was acting sleepy again around 11:45. I tried the crib nap again; I put her in awake but sleepy, wound up three cycles of the mobile and replaced her pacifier twice. She fell asleep around noon and is still napping at 1:25 as I type this. Growth spurt? Anyhow, I am so excited about eating lunch, getting laundry and dishes done, mopping the floor and working on scrapbooking.

So here are some random, cute photos. This one was taken at Thanksgiving by J's mom's cousin's husband. I think it's my favorite Evie photo of all time, so far. J scanned it for me because we only had a print of it until this morning. And here is a JC*Penney portrait from our recent week in Texas. My mom wanted an 8x10 of Evie in overalls and a white shirt, with a grassy background, to match an 8x10 she has of my nephew sitting in grass in overalls and a white shirt. Evie was having a rough photo shoot after the idiot photographer decided it was OK to try to prop her up inside a wooden crate (smooth though, no splinters) without any padding. Evie bumped her head and it was all over. But not before we captured ONE good shot:
Personally I think this fake backdrop isn't going to work next to the real grass in my nephew's picture, but putting Evie in the dry, yellow grass in Texas or in the coooooold grass of Missouri is not an option right now.


  1. Cute cute pictures! Love that last one. And ugh, photo people at the mall are not always the greatest. I once took B and set her down and the guy just took 2 or 3 shots (of her not smiling or anything!) and said we were done. The pictures were horrible and I did not buy them or pay for the sitting. I didn't go back either. But you got one pretty cute one!

  2. Yay snoozing Evie! I cannot wait for Ukulele to hit that point. Right now I am up until midnight/1:00.... back up around 3:30/4... again around 7:30..... Oh so tired! But oh so worth it!

  3. Thanks for your comment...I have read Like Water for Chocolate and I loved it. But the movie was a little too x-rated for me :).


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