Thursday, February 5, 2009

Random Portrait Session

Last week I realized that I had a coupon for a free portrait sitting and 8x10 at J*C*Penney that was expiring that very day. I'm not one to turn down a free 8x10, since the store is a short drive from home, so I called for an appointment at the last minute, threw a couple of outfits into a bag and here are the results. The hat in the first outfit is a Christmas gift from Evie's Uncle M and Aunt C and is adorable. I'm glad I have good pictures of her in it! But it's still a bit big so she'll be able to wear it next year, too. I like this shot but am annoyed that I have a bruise on my arm. I don't think my arm looks good here, at all:This is the best shot of the sitting and the one I chose for my free 8x10:
Poor Evie always has zits on her face in these portrait sessions:
I brought Sophie along to keep her happy, but the photographer suggested using her as a prop and I'm glad she did:

I laughed that she looks like she's in a pinup pose here with her leg kicked up!

I think I would have actually paid the exorbitant price for a print of this "enhanced" photo if Evie didn't look so stoned ;)


  1. I can't believe how big she is!!! So CUTE! :)

  2. I would also take advantage of that free 8x10 if I didn't live 30 minutes away from the nearest one. She's adorable. But what is it with babies? You can't make them smile for very long. I remember breaking out in sweats trying to make my two smile as infants. I mean sure I could tickle or nibble them but I don't want to be in the picture. Btw, the one with the LOVE letters is so cute... it would be perfect if she just smiled a little!

  3. Wow. I didn't know JCP still did photography.
    What a bunch of cute pics!

  4. I was (am) a professional photographer. Photographing babies was the worst! You have to be FAST! That said the free 8 x10 portrait is my pick, too. Her coloring and her outfit are a great match.

  5. I would be broke if she was my baby.

  6. Those are really good pictures!

  7. Oh, she is sooo cute! Great pics!

  8. We always get the best deals at JCP!

    I love the one with her and her giraffe buddy. =)

  9. Aww...I love them all! She is a doll.


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