Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rainy Wednesday Videos

4 short videos for your viewing enjoyment. Later today I'm going to work on editing some of the copious footage we took when Evie was a newborn that never got uploaded because Windows Movie Maker is utter crap. Now I'm using Rox*io and it rocks. Yay for alliteration.

Short video #1: Evie rolls! Only the first minute of this is worth watching. I edited it down but I guess I selected the wrong video when I uploaded it to Youtube because this is the unedited version. Whoops.

Me "singing" the Snuggle Puppy song to Evie:

Saying "hi" to Daddy since he was traveling last week:

Evie works on her fine motor skills:


  1. The pacifier video was an "edge-of-your-seat thriller!"

    Her hair seems to be getting darker, no?

  2. Snippet disagrees that there is any such thing as "happy on your tum."

    (ps---I'm so frustrated with my stupid camcorder, I'm ready to light it on fire. Did you get Roxio for free somewhere, or is it a free download somewhere? As of yet, I have not been able to get off the damn camcorder.)

  3. erm....that should say, "Did you buy Roxio somewhere, or is it a free download somewhere?"

  4. +Christine: I don't think her hair is getting darker BUT it is getting thicker, which makes it look darker and our house is a pit of shadows where no ray of natural light ever penetrates and all green plants die. So. :) What I aim for in Evie videos is "capturing the cuteness"...problem is, I'm her mom so I think it's all cute.

    +Deanna: I sent you a FB message about Roxio but if it's your camcorder/computer/drivers that are the problem then Roxio won't fix it :(

  5. Oh my! What a cutie...the pacifier video was my favorite, although I was disappointed when she dropped it on the floor. Although, I'm sure she'll be able to keep up with it pretty soon.

  6. So cute! Evie definitely gets a big E for effort for saying hi to daddy...she was trying so hard lol!


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