Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Santa Baby

Yesterday my MIL and I went shopping to a local mall, which was giving away 5x7 photos with Santa! (Zona Rosa 12-8 pm, feeds reindeer from 3-3:45, for those who are local.)

(The glare in the photo is because I took a picture of the picture.)

Evie had just eaten in the community room adjacent to Santa's workshop, so I was praying she didn't spit up on him! That would have been classic. She didn't spit up, but she also refused to smile. She stayed serious despite the antics of the helpers with their dancing, cooing, rattles and bells. The helpers were very nice, but Santa left a lot to be desired. He barely spoke to me and didn't talk to Evie or tell me she's cute (don't you think he should have?) :) Maybe he's better with older kids. Santa gave Evie a free tiny stuffed santa bear and would have given her a candy cane, too, if she'd been old enough. It was quick and painless (no line when we were there at 2:00) and the first of many photos with Santa, I suppose. The Santa pic was never a tradition in my house, but it seems like a fun thing to do. Do you take your kids to get Santa pics each year? Why or why not?

J and I had a quick conversation the other day about whether or not we're even going to "do the whole Santa thing" with Evie and her future siblings, since we are Christians and like to emphasize the religious background of the holiday. We decided we didn't want to be "those parents" who tell their kids the truth and are then at fault if their kid spills the truth to a friend. Plus, our parents embraced Halloween, Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy, so we've both grown up with models for how to raise a Christian kid who can still participate in secular holiday traditions.

Along the same lines, you may remember from my "Deck the Halls" post last month that J and I both have homemade felt Santa stockings from our childhoods, and that my mom is making Evie her own felt stocking. The felt kit my mom found at a craft store is of a manger scene! I like that Evie's stocking will reinforce the religious side of Christmas, but it will be amusing to have Jesus flanked by two Santas on our mantel next year.


  1. Happy belated b-day! I was actually due on Thanksgiving Day but came out a couple of weeks late.

    I was actually born in Lubbock. We moved to Richmond 2 1/2 years ago. We love it here though.

    I love Santa pictures! So does my mom. She started with my sister, who is four years older than me and got pictures all the way till my senior year of high school. I can tell you that she had quite a few years of all out threats in order to get us smiling. But now, every Christmas she pulls out those 21 photos and it so neat to see the progression. It's something that I highly recommend! :)

  2. Adorable photo! And yes, Santa definitely should have told you she's a cutie, because she is! What's wrong with him? Santa pics were never a big part of my childhood either, but I'm planning on doing it. YOur tradition of the homemade stockings is great. I love that kind of stuff.

  3. That picture turned out great! At least your surly Santa was able to hide his lack-luster disposition in the pic. (And, yes, he could have at LEAST acknowledge Evie's supreme cuteness!)

    I'm SO jealous of your free pics! Jake and I attempted to get Snippet's picture taken with Santa at the mall last weekend, but they were charging THIRTY BUCKS for a 5X7! Seriously, people........We're currently shopping for a cheaper Santa.

  4. Over from SITS! I hear ya bout the Santa thing, we've been through the whole thing too, hehe! Cute babes!! Happy day to you :-)

  5. I understand the conflict between the Christian portion of the holiday and the commercialism. Plus, I feel bad that I'll basically be lying to my kids. I mean, aren't I supposed to teach them that lying is bad?

    Still, I grew up believing in Santa, but always somehow knowing that it was a farce as young as 4. I didn't end up emotionally scarred because of my parents' decision. It's a very personal thing. If you and J feel like it's not the right thing to do, then don't give in to the pressure. But if you wonder whether or not the Santa thing can be incorporated into your religious beliefs, I think it most definitely can. Santa is, after all, a saint.


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