Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Evie's First Christmas

I've been trying to write this post for a few days, but Evie is keeping things hopping around here, what with the screaming and not napping. So, I'm lumping in some snippets from the past few days along with the promised pictures from Christmas.
  • We just got home from seeing a movie; yes, we left Evie with a babysitter for the first time! The babysitter is one of my former students who lives nearby and has been our trusted dogsitter for a couple of years. She also works in our church nursery. A perfect first babysitter for Evie and she did a great job. We came home to a sleeping baby; what more can we ask?
  • We are having lunch with R & G on Saturday and when I called G yesterday to set it up he mentioned that he and R might be getting married in the next week. Huh? Wow.
  • Evie is now sleeping sans-swaddling, ever since Christmas night. It was very warm in San Antonio and my dad refused to turn on the AC. (Dad, if you're reading this, I love you anyhow.) I couldn't wrap up Evie in her miracle blanket in a bedroom that was almost 80 degrees! She slept through the night without it and hasn't worn it since. She has, however, acquired the nickname "Thumper" due to her new habit of kicking loudly and forcefully at the mattress and sides of her crib/bassinet while staying sound asleep.
  • She is now adept at rolling from her stomach to her back, both directions, while in tummy time. She's also getting more expert at her mini-pushup, which directly contributes to the aforementioned rolling.
  • My parents took me to San Antonio's Riverwalk when I was a baby, and Evie got to visit as a baby on the 26th. It was crowded, but we had fun doing a bit of shopping and sharing a pitcher of margaritas while my nephew, C, watched ducks in the river. While we were there, Evie got to ride in her Baby B*jorn facing out for the first time!
  • Speaking of the warmth in SA over Christmas, a couple of days it was so nice that I took Evie outside and we just sat and enjoyed the breeze as I talked to her about grass, leaves, clouds and cars. It made me eager for springtime with her, in a few months.
  • Evie has now traveled almost the entire length of I-35. The only parts she hasn't been on are the section stretching north from Albert Lea to Duluth and the section stretching south of San Antonio to Mexico.

On to the photos...

J's dad visited us before we left for San Antonio; I love this picture!

Evie's 3 month e-mail from Baby*Center said she would start attaching to comfort objects at this age, so we've started trying to have her snuggle this doll from J's mom. But, my SIDS paranoia keeps me from putting it in her crib. No flash so that I wouldn't wake her:

At the same time J's dad was visiting, Evie also got to meet J's brother and his wife for the first time...Evie's aunt and uncle! Here is C, Evie's beautiful auntie (I didn't just say that because she reads the blog):

We didn't get a picture of J's brother with Evie, but they'll be back through here on their way to Austin before the next semester begins, so we'll capture one this weekend.

On the way to SA, we stopped in Dallas overnight and stayed at the Palomar hotel. J travels so much for business that he gets free hotel stays, so we slept in a two room suite for $0. Here is Evie checking out the couch in the front room (which became her changing table):
And here she is enjoying some tummy time on the luxurious king-sized bed:

Once we arrived in SA, the next day, she was eager for cuddle time with Grandpa:

And was very sleepy on Christmas morning after J fed her at 6 AM:

But eventually she woke up and posed for photos...
Here she is in Christmas pajamas (from Grandma):

Reading a new book with J:

Looking super cute for Christmas dinner in a new outfit from her godparents:

The promised "4 Generations" photo of me, Evie, Great-Grandma and Grandma:

My dad is so tall that the flash didn't reach his face very well, but I love this photo because Evie looks like a caroling angel:

Another photo with Great-Grandma, who was out of practice holding wiggly 3-month-olds:

We had a lot more great pictures, but they aren't on my camera, so I'll update this post with more pictures once my cyber-slacker relatives upload them to Snap*fish (hint, hint). :)


  1. I love the picture of Evie sleeping on the chair with the lighted tree in the background. She looks angelic.

  2. I'm glad SA treated you well for Christmas! Great pictures!

  3. As usual, simply lovely photos! Her cheeks are so kissable and bitable! Hehe.

  4. I'm so glad the babysitting adventure went well! We haven't yet worked up the nerve. Erg, that should say *I* haven't yet worked up the nerve, as Jake is much more laid back about it. I'm so completely chicken, but I'm also definitely missing the movies! (What did you guys see, by the way? Anything good?)

    Wonderful pics! The Four Generations is lovely, and I also like the softly-lit Christmas tree one.

  5. Love the pics! Thanks for your kind words, too. :P Can't wait to see our cutie-pie niece (and you and J) in a couple days!!!

  6. I love the one of Grandpa R. with her! They both look very happy!!

  7. Awww! Cute stuff going on here! Love all these pictures are great!

  8. +Deanna, we saw the new movie with Brad*Pitt, the Ben*jamin But*ton one. It was interesting and entertaining, but looong (3 hours) and I didn't enjoy the ending. I'm glad we went, though! It was fun to have 3 hours with both hands free and lots of popcorn :) I kept my cell phone on vibrate in my pocket, but resisted the urge to check in with the babysitter!

  9. I did the same thing with my cell phone when I saw that movie last weekend!

  10. Your daughter is beautiful!!! I know you are enjoying every second of her!
    I enjoy reading your comments on so many other blogs.


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