Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Yesterday, as J and I were driving home from Minnesota (and passing many cars in ditches...we're glad we stayed an extra day!) we listened to "This American Life" on CD as Evie snoozed in the back seat. Close to home, we were surprised by a particularly relevant story about open adoption and "Dear Special People" letters on the August 22nd episode (Act 3). Here's a link to the "This American Life" radio episode website where you can listen to the story I'm referring to and many others. Listening online is free, but a download is $0.95. The most recent episode is always a free download, and they have a podcast, too. I tell you this because if you listen to an episode or two you might get hooked like J and I are. The other acts in the 8-22-08 episode are also fascinating, so give them a listen if you have time.

In other listening news, I have decided that the TV is now banned from our home unless J and I are watching a specific program (i.e. no more watching CNN while feeding Evie) because she is just showing too much interest in it. So, today I popped some Christmas music into the CD changer and I've been singing along all afternoon. My favorite Christmas CD by far is James Taylor's A Christmas Album from 2004. His voice is so sexy, even when he's singing about Jesus.

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