Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nursery Before and After

Here is what Evie's room looked like a year and a half ago:

And on the ceiling we had this I*kea light fixture:
And here is what it looks like now, with Evie's new toddler bed! (Notice the curtains are different, too. Brown to block out light during nap time.)
And J spent Friday afternoon putting up a new light and ceiling fan. It's hard to see (sorry for the bad pic) but the light looks like the earth and the fan blades have stars and rocket ships on them. It is super cool and Evie loves it. It will be nice to have the fan in her room.

We have decided at this point to leave the crib in Evie's room in order to keep the third bedroom as a guest room. We want to be able to have plenty of guests (like grandmas!) to help out when Zeph comes home. We anticipate, however, that he will probably sleep in the moses basket or in a P*ack 'N' P*lay in our room early on, and perhaps in the PnP in the guest room when we don't have guests. When he gets to 6 weeks or so and starts sleeping better at night (knock on wood) then we'll try putting him in the crib and see how he and Evie do together. I've heard anecdotally that siblings tend to be closer friends when they share a room and that they will get used to each others nighttime noises. We will see!


  1. Love the fan!
    My sister (with a ginormous house, 4 kids and probably twice as many bedrooms as kids) insist her kids (born in groups of 2 two years apart) share a room until the oldest of the two some is 8. They get along SO WELL, and she swears its because of the room sharing... Im a believer!

  2. Cool fan! It looks like you're ready for Zeph! It really is coming up soon, huh?

  3. Can't believe she's big enough for a big-girl bed already!

  4. The room looks lovely. I think my scraproom is that color. I LOVE the fan!

  5. it took some work, but we have all three of ours sleeping through the night in the same room.

    nap time, is another story ...

    very unique fan - it looks way fun!

  6. That fan looks cool! And we have all 3 of our kids in the same room too. They sit and chat in the morning and that's always fun to hear. Now naps...big girl naps in my room and the twins nap in their cribs. MUCH better.

  7. Megan was 20mo. when Lauren was born and they have slept in the same room since the day we brought Lauren home from the hospital. (We never used a bassinet or had them in our room)

  8. The room looks great, and I can provide some more anecdotal evidence that siblings are closer when they share rooms...I'm all for it! :)


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