Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Beach

Whenever people ask me how I like living where we do (the Midwest), I'm usually enthusiastic, with a caveat. "It's great, but..." "We love it here, but..." "We plan to stay here long term, but..."

My caveat is the ocean. Until I became a Midwesterner by marriage, I'd never lived anywhere that didn't border the ocean. I grew up an Air Force brat and lived in Virginia, California, England, North Carolina, Louisiana, Texas and then Virginia again. At the time I thought that I was well-traveled and had lived a variety of places, which was true. But then I moved to the Midwest and realized that all of my former homes had something in common: they were all a day trip away from the beach. I never thought of myself as a beach person until I couldn't get to one if I tried. People here often tell me "but we have so many lakes!" or "the Great Lakes are like the ocean..." Nope. Not the same thing. Being a Midwesterner makes me feel claustrophobic. We love it here, but....

So, at 17 months of age my daughter finally got to see the ocean for the first time. She appears to love it as much as I do:


  1. you were in Tampa? I live 20 minutes from there! :) Evie is a total beach girl! What a cute video.

  2. Wow, looks like SO much fun! We were going to take Charlie to Chicago for our first family vacation but now I'm trying to figure out how we can get to the ocean! :)

    Great video!


  3. I cant live without the beach, the salt air... Oh how I die without it. Like you, I have never lived away from the ocean in my 18 moves, until college, and I lasted about a month before I had to come home and visit to smell my salt air...
    Im glad Evie has gotten a taste of the good life :) She'll never turn back.

  4. I didnt grow up by the water but how I love it now!!!

  5. I love it! Evie goes out...Mommy brings her back in...Evie goes out... :)

    And, J. looks dashing in the Ergo, by the way.


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