Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tiny Dancer

First, an update on Zeph. Things are looking good at this point and we are feeling hopeful that Zeph's adoption will actually happen in April! This is making me freak a little bit about getting ready, so I'm going to start making a packing list since this adoption is out of state and will require more planning than Evie's did. I've also started buying things, like boyish changing pad covers and boyish bath towels, and yes, those socks that I wanted. :)

Today I took Evie for more portraits (free 8x10 and sitting fee!) because 1. I recently found a pettiskirt for a great price online and 2. I have been awful at getting good pictures of her at home these days.

Of course, Evie could sense my plan to take her at 3:40 (since she usually naps from 1-3) and refused to fall asleep until 2, so I had to wake her up to get her to the sitting on time. Thus she was somewhat grumpy, and hungry. This is the worst of the pictures, but I love it anyhow:

And here is one of the best of the pictures:
But this is what I chose for my free 8x10:
Since they wouldn't let me get it for free in b&w:

Having raisins as an after-nap snack:
A little scared of the photographer and her camera:

Would be cute except for the sock dents and toenails that need to be clipped :)

This really deserves a whole other post, but I'll end by saying that 16 months old is my favorite age so far. Either that or I'm finally hitting my mommy stride. Life is good.


  1. Ohhh she is SO beautiful, absolutely love her hair right now! I love the picture you said is bad where you're looking at's sweet. Considering she was sleepy and hungry, I'd say these are excellent!

    Congrats on Baby Zeph, I hope it all does work out and will definitely be checking back for updates! :)


  2. Such sweet pictures! That's great that things are looking good for Baby Zeph's adoption:)

  3. Really cute and LOVE the tutu!

    Praying for the Zeph situation!

  4. Such cute pictures! I love that tutu. You both look great in it.

    And yay about Zeph! Can't wait to hear more...

  5. great shots!

    and excellent news about zeph ... exciting times!

  6. Very sweet photos! She is such a cupie-doll!

  7. She is absolutely gorgeous! Love all of the pictures.

  8. I peek into your blog from time to time when I check Evergreenbaby. I love little Evie. What a cutie. So precious. Love the photo shoot, especially the free 8 X 10 choice. The videos were sweet too. What a fun age...So much absorbing going on in their minds. Thanks for sharing. And great luck with adoption #2. I can't wait to hear more.

  9. The pics are adorable - it's so fun to see how she is changing from month to month. Thanks for sharing!


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