Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ergo Giveaway!

I saw this linked from Diana's blog, that a friend of hers IS GIVING AWAY AN ERGO BABY CARRIER!

I debated whether or not to enter, since we already have one, but decided to go ahead and enter because I have someone in mind to give it to in the case that I win.

I've only had my Ergo for a couple of months but it is fabulous for carrying older babies because it can be worn on the back and your wiggly toddler feels like carrying a backpack of books, which is much easier to carry than the same weight on your hip or front. The Ergo distributes the baby's weight primarily on your hips and is also comfortable for the baby, allowing them to sit in a comfortable pocket that doesn't put undue pressure on their crotch or thighs. I've used several different carriers, but this is the only one that Evie has fallen asleep in since she was a newborn. She fell asleep on my back while we were shopping, at 15 months old. That is saying something, in my opinion.

Anyhow, better late than never...if you read this in time, go enter the contest by midnight tonight, Feb 13th.


  1. i threw my hat in the ring - thanks!

  2. Oh DARN, I'm SO disappointed! I've been wanting something like this for when Charlie outgrows the bjorn, which is coming fast! Oh well...maybe tax time will bring me one? :)



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