Monday, March 1, 2010

The Zoo

Because I'm a member of our local zoo, we got 1/2 off admission to the Tampa zoo, which was a great deal. Although the weather was cool on the beach, in the heart of Tampa it was warmer and a beautiful, sunny day for the zoo. We all had a great time and Evie stayed awake long enough for us to see almost everything. Evie's favorite was the primate section. She particularly enjoyed watching a family of gibbons at play and cracked us up by scratching her armpits and saying "ooh ooh" as she watched them. This was our first trip to the zoo since she's started recognizing animals and knowing their sounds or movements, so it was a lot of fun. We can't wait until it's warm enough here to start going to our local zoo again. Here is a short video recap of our zoo day in Tampa:


  1. The primate section is my fave too. Glad it was a fun day!

  2. How fun!!! Gotta find one of those fountains around here....

  3. Wow, she really loves the water!! Great video, she's so cute!

  4. I didn't get that you were in Tampa! I was in St Pete Beach last week.

    Love that song. We sing it on the way to the zoo, too.

    Happy early blogoversary!


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