Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas, and Books are Food

So much has happened in the past couple of weeks that it exhausts me to think of trying to recap, so I'm going to wimp out on that. But I do have some pictures, a video and a question for you all (please help!)

Evie's dress for Christmas Eve church:
Evie received many gifts, of course, but a box of clothes from Nana and Papa got the best reaction. As she pulled out each item she literally exclaimed "ahhh" and "oooh" little girl:
Our tree shot for this year...Nana, J, Papa, Evie, me, Uncle M and Aunt C:
My video is from a couple of days ago. Evie has been having nap "issues" and is getting so tired by evening that she is either hyper and silly or else literally falling asleep at dinner:

And now for my question. 2 lead-up questions first. One, why is Evie reading a pizza cookbook?

And why are her board books on the top shelves and our cookbooks on the bottom shelves? Shouldn't it be the other way around?
Evie has developed a love of devouring books. Literally. There are whole bites taken out of "Mr. Brown Can Moo. Can You?" She is also in a defiant toddler phase (pardon the redundancy) and so the more I fuss at her for eating them, the more she chows down. But I can't just give in and let her eat her library, can I? Please help! Any advice and wisdom is welcome. It isn't that she doesn't want to read them, she does. And yes, she's teething. And no, she doesn't seem interested in teething toys. She wants to eat cardboard, apparently. Help. Can I use bitter apple on a toddler? (mostly kidding)


  1. No advice on the books but just wanted to tell you that you are not alone. Samuel is so destructive with books. Board books are torn apart and chewed and regular books get torn. We have A LOT of books at our house and keeping him away from them is a full time job.

  2. Pizza cookbook?! That's awesome! Oh, that little girl; she charms me!

  3. p.s. I love her church dress! Very pretty!

  4. Great dress! So cute!

    As for the books...I would buy her several at the dollar store and let her go to town. Or get some of the plastic books and see if that stops her from teething. Also, making your own cardboard books might be a fun distraction for her! Good luck!

  5. she is so dear!

    and my nephew eats books, too. they haven't figured out a fix yet, either. when he was here, i'd scoop him up and put him in the high chair and give him a snack. i was hoping he'd get the correlation - but who knows.

  6. G ate his books for about a 6 month period too. We bought a few dollar store books (Target has their dollar section that always has books), a few garage sale books and a few vinyl books from B&N. He was allowed to play with the cheap books and vinyls by himself, the others were put up high enough that he couldn't get to them. We then used those for reading together, under supervision. His favorite was the chew the corners off the front and back covers. His favorite book (Gossie and Gertie) is missing these corners. In some ways it will make that book more special to me when he is grown. :)

    I think you just have to guard the books until this phase is over.

  7. I'm sorry---I can't offer any advice on the "books as cuisine" question because I'm utterly dumbstruck by how nice and neat her bookshelves are! Amazing!

    I love that sweet little rainbow sweater from the christmas tree pic!

  8. So cute! Do you know, I was thinking of bitter apple when reading about your problem! I need to get out of dog owner mode.

  9. That Christmas dress is adorable!!


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