Monday, January 18, 2010

Off-Topic: My Shoes

I mentioned over a year ago that at the time I had 12 pairs of Crocs HERE. The primary reason is that I suffer from plantar fasciitis and Crocs help relieve my symptoms. Since I wrote about it, I've had a couple of people suggest that I need to elaborate on this factoid about myself, most recently Evie's Aunt C mentioned it as she saw me receive 2 new pairs for Christmas. :)

Right now my count is 15 pairs, plus knee pads, and a new pair of slippers on the way (I got them for Christmas but they were too big, so we are exchanging them). Enjoy the tour of my shoes (?!). I do have other types of shoes, but the only ones I really wear are my running shoes and my Crocs. All of the others mainly stay in my closet unless I am attending a wedding or something like that.

#1: These are pink and brown Adara style, a semi-dressy sandal. I wear them in the summer when I want to look a little nicer than flip flops.
#2: These are the Malindi style and I wore them a lot for teaching because they are closed toe and look professional peeping out from below pants. I promise.
#3: These are my newest pair (excluding the slippers on the way). They are the Lena style. Although you can't tell from the pic, they are wedges. They promise to be a comfy alternative to dress shoes for some occasions. They look silver in the pic, but they are black IRL.
#4: These are the Havana style and I picked them up on clearance this past fall and haven't worn them yet. Cute, though! They are also wedges.
#5 and #6: These two are both the Sassari style, which was the first wedge style Crocs ever made. They were my first experiment with dressy(ish) Crocs. Unfortunately they have been hard to match to outfits because of the 2 tone, but I have enjoyed having them in my shoedrobe.
#7: These are my trusty Croc flip flops that I live in when it's warm (Capri style)...
#8: ...unless my outfit doesn't match the brown of the above pair, and then I wear my older gray and aqua flip flops (also Capri). Right now these live in my gym bag for when I take Evie swimming at the Community Center.
#9: These are my old, trusty Rx Relief style black crocs that served me well for teaching in the winter...
#10: unless I needed brown, and then I wore these Professional style:
#11: These are the Nile style sandals. They were my first sandal Crocs and got a lot of wear for awhile but now they are mostly gathering dust. :(
#12: These were one of my Christmas gifts this year. They are the Nadia style boots and have been wonderful for our snowy winter days. Sometimes Crocs just shouldn't have holes; winter is one of those times.
#13: These were my first pair of Crocs ever, the classic Beach style. I never wear these anymore because it's not cool to wear this color of Crocs unless you're six years old. :)
#14: These are my current slippers, the Mammoth style. They have seen 2.5 winters of hard use and you can see how much I need those new slippers to arrive in the mail. Don't be too grossed out, though. The dark stuff on the inside is lint from socks, not dirt. The linings on these get washed regularly. :)
#15: Here are the Georgie style rain boots that J and I share when we need to grab some boots for getting the mail or walking the dogs in rain or snow. Now maybe they belong to J since I have my new Nadias.
#15.5: These don't really count, but I highly recommend Crocs kneepads. They are awesome for doing an old-fashioned scrub-down of the kitchen floor, and J uses them every year when he goes on our church mission trip to Mexico to build houses for needy families. They are super comfy.

p.s. Evie pooped in the potty 3 times today!

p.p.s. She is 16 months old tomorrow; wish me luck getting some decent pics and/or video of her.


  1. Crocs kill my feet!!! I have some similar to the Malindi (sp?) style and they hurt after 30 minutes. Ouch. They really make some cute ones!!

  2. I had absolutely no idea that Crocs came in different styles...and so many! I'm a nurse and when I worked on the floor, a lot of people swore by them. But I didn't like the fact that the ones I knew of had holes in them (not good when dealing with body fluids). I'm forever in my Danskos..I have the same pair in 4 different colors.

  3. I have avoided crocs at all costs until recently. (I have plantar fasciitis also and Berks were really the best option for me after a long stint of physical therapy and steroid injections a few years ago.) However, a friend turned me onto website and their sales are AMAZING. Shoes that are generally on sale for under $20 and often buy one-get one free with free shipping and all sorts of additional money off codes! I bought an adorable pair of brown mary janes that are thinned around the toe than their traditional crocs shoes, shipped, for under 13.50. I love them and even have bought a few jibbitz for them so that my little guy really loves my shoes too. I check the website regularly now. I'm looking forward to getting a matching pair of shoes for me and Grant for this upcoming summer...maybe navy blue. :)

  4. I have a similar Croc addiction... I think I'm at 14 pairs. Never seen the boots, though... so, that may be about to become 15!

    I made SO much fun of people who wore the original crocs... but they have done so much to help my back problems! Thanks for the tour :)

  5. Glad to have been an impetus for sharing the deets on your obsession/addiction. Ha!

  6. Wow, that's a lot of shoes! I think most women have a ton of shoes and yours look super cute!


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