Monday, January 11, 2010

In Brief

Evie's newest words: star, bow and car

On the to-do list: fingerprinting and other paperwork for our homestudy update (in preparation for possibly adopting Zeph).

Latest on Zeph: still uncertain; his mom still wants to make an adoption plan but his dad is trying to disrupt it (I can't go into detail, but in A's opinion, C and his family should not get custody of Zeph). J and I find ourselves even more grateful to M & T and R & G for making their adoption plans together. If we do adopt Zeph, it will be stressful to not have a good relationship with his birth father, or perhaps not any relationship at all? But we trust A's assessment of the situation and are trying to just stand back and see what happens.

Warm fuzzy: Evie can pick J and I out of photos, even older ones where my hair is different, J is clean shaven, etc. She points at us and triumphantly states "Mama!" or "Dada!" She knows us. That is awesome.


  1. Well those are 2 great new words :)
    Im sorry about the Zeph confusion. I hope everyone comes to a decision that is peaceful for everyone. I will keep all involved in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. I'll be praying and hoping that the situation with Zeph works out. Wow for Evie...sometimes I can't pick out my parents from old photos :)

  3. Hoping everything works out with Zeph and all involved. I'm sorry that there has to be this uncertainty.

    It must be so amazing to know that she can pick you out from a photo...her Mama and Dada. How awesome.

  4. Thank you for the update on Zeph.

    Grant did fingerpainting for Christmas this year. We used reclaimed bathroom tiles. He painted while wearing a diaper, sitting on a floor covered with a shower curtain. I backed the tiles with felt after they'd dried and glued rafia ribbon along the edges, bound them in sets of 4 and gave them as gifts. :)

    (And we got our Aquadoodle mat at a consignment sale...but we paid $3. Great find and what a great, great toy!)


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