Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Still catching up...

I'm trying to get a book read for my book club on Thursday. After that I'll work on writing about Evie at 1 year old. I'll try to keep it to 20 pages or so. :)

Thanks to everyone for your encouraging comments about our family portraits. I appreciate the offers of help, but the pictures were at J*C*Penney and we don't have high-quality digital versions to photoshop, only the prints and the low resolution photos that they e-mailed me and that I posted on the blog. I wish we could afford to hire a *real* photographer for these things, but that is outside our budget these days without me bringing in a salary. Anyhow, you are all right that I was NOT used to having that much makeup on. This is me with my normal makeup (and, as always, looking as though I don't have any on when actually I do): I took pictures of Evie in her birthday diaper yesterday, and decided that this will probably be the end of that tradition. I had planned to continue until she potty learned, but it's just getting too difficult to get her to sit still! I might change my mind next month, though. We'll see. Here is the only decent shot I got:
And then this started happening:
And I bribed her to sit still with her new toy cell phone:
But even that didn't work for long:
And then she was down and looking for my cell phone:
And it was over:
(look at that big girl stride in the above photo!!!)


  1. I can't stand her face in that first picture of the cell phone - she is so sweet!

  2. Have you done/heard of this? Check it out.


    You can get a free photo session within a year of adopting. I think you would still have to pay for prints, but the sitting fee and proof fee is typically waived. I haven't done it yet, but worth checking out.

  3. I was going to suggest the celebrating adoption site too. When we were doing our profile, we did not have a lot of pics of us together (I always seem to be the photog). So, I happened to find a professional photographer just starting out (it was a word of mouth thing)...she didn't do studio pics, but outside or in our home (we chose a park). She charged $40 for the sitting fee and the prints were VERY reasonable and they turned out great. Anyway, maybe you could be on the look out for something like this in the future...google your area for photographers or check out local websites or newspapers.

  4. We had just amazing pics of G for the first year. Seriously, magazine cover quality with gerber baby grins. People were amazed at how photogenic he was.

    Then he turned a year old and it was all over. Photographers tell me all the time that 1-2 is the hardest age to photograph. They are just so busy. There is simply nothing you can bribe them with that is more interesting than all the neat stuff in a typical studio.

    At this point, getting some great candids at a park or something is really the way to go. We even did two different sets of 2 yr old pictures, at two different studios, and while we got a decent shot in each, there wasn't much more than that.

  5. I love the mooning shot. =) She's a busy woman, Karen. She doesnt have time to sit and look cute anymore! There are places wander off to, coffee tables to crash into, and important princesses to call on her new phone!

  6. Aww, Evs! Auntie C loves your big girl strides!!!

  7. +Just Another Day In Paradise: ummmm...well...my only excuse is the sheer entropy involved in having a toddler who only takes one nap anymore. :)


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