Friday, September 18, 2009

1 Year "Professional" Photos

They went about as well as you'd expect for a photo shoot that included:
  • a one-year-old
  • a one-year-old who needed a nap (I swear when I made the reservation that wasn't her nap time!)
  • a Daddy who doesn't like to smile for photos
  • a Mommy who had her makeup done at a salon and looks like a clown
  • a Mommy who was spit up on before the shoot and didn't realize that she hadn't cleaned up her shirt well enough (aren't the stinkin' photographers supposed to tell me?!)

I think I'll be taking her another time, to another place, very shortly. She melted down before we got any good photos of her alone in her birthday dress.

Our free 8x10 choice:

Pics of us with spit-up on my shirt and a crapload of makeup:

Fun pics of Evie and Pearl (these were the first shots, before the family pics):

And the one family photo in which Evie hides my stained shirt (but not my clown cheeks):


  1. Well I don't think you look like a clown, but I can understand why you are frustrated! The pictures are A LOT better than I thought they were going to be after I read your blurb...there are some really cute ones!

    As for the spit up, a photographer, I can tell you it is their job to notice those things!! More to the point, that is easily fixable and I'm not sure why they gave you the photo looking like that. If you want to email them to me, I can remove the spit up in about two minutes. :)


  2. I love them!!! Well, the spit up you can see, but photoshop can help that... but also, it truly shows LIFE at this stage of parenthood.
    Gorgeous photos.

  3. I have to agree...honestly what photographer would want their work to show spit up when you are wearing black and it's so easy to fix. Good grief.
    That being said, I really like the third pic of you guys as a family...the closer up one. I don't think you look like a clown at's a great shot of everyone. :)
    For the next year, photos only get harder. A kiddo who can move and knows it is a very difficult critter to catch on film. I suggest finding a photographer who likes to meet at parks and such and just be happy with action shots for a while... :)

  4. Not clownlike at all! You all look great, & Evie is absolutely adorable. Just think of the stories you can tell about the spitup, 20 years from now! ; )

  5. How cute!!

    I think the spit up stain adds character. ;)

  6. I think you've got some real keepers there. I don't know what the photographers were thinking not telling you you had a mark on your shirt, but IMO (and I go to work most days with no makeup, so I'm not exactly into the caked-on look), your makeup looks AWESOME. I'm sure you don't think it looks like you because you're unused to wearing any, but I think they did a great job.

  7. I was also going to say that you're obviously not used to wearing makeup (aren't you fortunate to be a natural beauty?)...your makeup looks great and not clown-like, as you thought. I would have also been upset about the spit-up, but maybe the photog was thinking that it was easily fixable with photoshop. He/she should have at least mentioned that.

    Evie looks so precious...those cheeks! They're all wonderful pictures.

  8. You don't look like a clown!!! I love the pictures, use a sharpe ha ha ha to cover up the stain. I swear they work for everything. Hope her birhday was great!

  9. I LOVE the 8x10! It's absolutely gorgeous!!

    And, I'm grumbling over here that the &%^*$$!!! photographer couldn't mention the spit-up to you. Isn't that part of the "professional" title---it's your job to make your people look good! Geeeeeez.

    And, for the record, you don't look clownish---just a little extra glow-y. Your hair looks stunning!

  10. I am sure your friends are trying to make you feel better... You look way better than the make-up in the pictures.. may be a light make-up would look good on you... ofcourse for the family pics I would suggest some lighter background


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