Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dog Door Video

At Deanna's request, here is a short video of Evie doing one of her tricks: crawling through one of our 2 dog doors. We have one leading from the house to the porch and another leading from the porch to the deck. She loves both equally and will crawl through whichever is closer, unblocked or has a dog on the other side.

In fact, we (sadly) haven't spent much time on our screened porch in recent weeks because she will completely ignore the toys there and spend the entire time trying to get through the dog doors. She is so persistent!

We try blockades (the dog food container in this video is one such attempt) but she outwits us more often than not. The only thing that works, really, is for J and I to be out on the porch together and each one of us sit with our back against a dog door. But then we can't really interact with her as well, and the dogs can't come and go as they are used to doing. Plus, she still tries to crawl behind us. She is a determined little girl!

I'm embarrassed by my tone of voice in this video because it conveys how exasperated I was with her the day I shot this. It was the day Evie really started walking, and I had just caught her walking on video for the first time right before I shot this footage. We had been out on the porch a lot that day (without J there). I felt as though I'd been chasing her from one dog door to the next all day, and you can hear it in my voice at the end of the tape! Sorry, Evie. Mama loves you.


  1. LOL! I expected her to be across the room already, but alas, she was right there, probably ready to go through it the other way. Too cute!

  2. Hahahahahaha! You find it annoying, but I find it hilarious!

  3. That's so cute how she was waiting for you to open the door to let back into the porch! I'm sure you don't think it's as cute but it is!

  4. This is so funny...I probably would have never picked up on your tone of voice if you hadn't ratted yourself out first! :)

    Love her trick, I have a feeling the next few years are going to be rather adventuresome for you!!


  5. don't feel bad, we all have those days! I'll try to keep a sugary sweet voice while saying "boy, today is going to be FUN with you screaching like that! My ears feel WONDERFUL!" or something along those lines.
    It is pretty darn cute, though! lol I'm sure she sees the dogs do it, so naturally she wants to as well! It'll lose it's appeal faster if you don't react so much to it!

  6. I love it! She didn't seem to have any trouble at all---just popped right on through. Do you ever have a dog/baby collision? Who wins?!

    Don't feel bad about your tone at all. That tone, that phrase---it's standard mommy lingo. Just means you're a seasoned member.

  7. +Chappell3: You are so right, but if I don't chase her she'll end up getting into trouble through both doors. Perhaps I should just babyproof the TV room and the yard, but the second one would require poop pick up every single day. :(

    +Deanna: We have had a couple of near collisions, but we're always there to move Evie out of the way and let the dog (always Apollo) get through. Apollo's an old man and set in his ways and deserves some freakin' respect around here! :) The funnier thing is when he and Phoebe have collisions because they get so mad at each other, like an old married couple. :)

  8. Too funny! I expect a similar scene at my house several months from now. I think the dogs' world will change when Pinecone can get through the door.

    My dogs try to go out the door at the same time when they hear something outside to chase - when we had 3 dogs, it was like the 3 stooges - who needs tv?


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