Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy First Birthday to Evie!

The day went GREAT. More on that later, I promise. For now, I'll just say:

1. We didn't get a lot of pictures because we were all so chatty and busy hosting, playing with Evie, eating, etc.
2. The pictures we did get demonstrate the gift that Evie loved most of all: a D*isney P*rincess toy flip phone, which is a gift from her birth father, G. It figures! :)

Evie ignoring the rest of her gift opening after receiving the phone: Still playing with the phone in her high chair before her dessert:

Wondering "why do I have to eat this thing, can't I have my phone back?"--

In the end she devoured the clown cone from B*askin R*obbins (the reason it's not a cake is a story for another post), but somehow didn't make a colossal mess of it. She makes huge messes all the time, but showed restraint when it came to bubble gum ice cream and a chocolate cookie:

Happy Birthday to my precious toddler!


  1. Happy 1st Evie!! It's been fun to read about your life this first year!

  2. Happy Birthday, Evie Bea! I love how you decorated her tray.
    Thanks for letting us into the first year of your cutie's life.

  3. 1 year! Wow! Happy birthday Evie! :)

  4. I love her pretty shiny pink birthday bib! And, I also love how very SERIOUS she looks trying to figure out her phone. So cute1

  5. Happy birthday dear girl!

    And to Karen...can you believe you just called her a toddler????

  6. I can't believe she's one?!


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