Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Second Baby Shower

My second baby shower was this past Saturday at my good friend Holly's house. Most of the women there were from my church, but my Mom and my sister-in-law and nephew were also there! M and her mother were also there, which was fun and interesting. I hadn't spread the word far enough to the rest of the guests that M would be there, so some were quite surprised, but it was nice to have her and her mother and Clio there for the fun! We played silly games like cutting yarn to fit around M's belly and identifying baby food by smell. There were 12 jars of food and I only guessed 2 correctly, so I have a lot to learn! I did win the game where you feel baby items inside a paper bag and guess what they are...I've had some recent experience with infant stuff that helped me. :)

Holly also made a decadent chocolate cake and had a strawberry and a lemon cake made from a bakery and they were all DELICIOUS. I don't think I've ever had a cake that yummy outside a restaurant. It made me uncomfortable to see M eating cake, since she has gestational diabetes, but I tried to remind myself that I can't control her the way I'd control myself if I were pregnant.

Here is me opening a gift from my mother-in-law, who sent some adorable Baby Gap 6-12 month clothes (needed!):

Here is me opening a gift that my best friend, Jen, sent from Amazon for me to open at the shower. She sent my video monitor, What to Expect the First Year and The One-Armed Cook (which is a great book about cooking while mothering a baby and I highly recommend it!). Thanks again, Jen, you're the bestest! I am talking to M and her mom in this picture and explaining the monitor, which is why my hand is in such a funny shape:
Here's one last picture (sadly, I didn't get pictures of the cake or the rest of the guests, yet). This is of me opening a beautiful Classic Pooh print that Holly had matted and framed to hang in my nursery, along with two others. J and I are in the process of scheming how/where to hang them so that they don't conflict with the mural:
Overall it was a wonderful day and I am so grateful to my family and friends who flew/drove to be there or sent gifts for me, and to Holly for decorating and planning so beautifully. I definitely felt the love, and so did Clio, since she was there for it all!

I received several items from my registries, but also a lot of things not on the registry and I just have to ask, in all honesty, how many blankets, drool bibs, hats and onesies does one baby girl really need? I have SO MUCH in the newborn-3 month sizes, and looking at it all, it has all come from gifts, clearance racks, garage sales, second-hand from friends, etc. So I haven't spent mega bucks, except for a couple of outfits that I bought full price a few years ago during my infertility days, but however I got it, Clio now has in her closet (just for her first 3 months of life, or less):

22 onesies
11 sleepers
11 dresses
14 hats
12 infant bibs
6 blankets (excluding the 7 receiving blankets which are actually useful, which makes 13 total)
+ some pants, shirts, a few romper outfits, about a dozen pairs of socks and 5 pairs of cradle shoes...etc.

***ungrateful complaining begins here***The worst part is, with M's gestational diabetes, Clio could be born at 10 pounds or more and only wear some of these outfits for a week or so! I'm crossing my fingers she's an 8 pounder, against the odds. I did try to return some of the excess, but Target and Babies R Us don't make it very easy to return things without receipts, and it seems like the only gift receipts I have gotten are for things I don't want to return. Of course!***ungrateful complaining ends here***

Sorry. Anyhow, sorting through Clio's closet I realized that I have LOTs of little stuff, some 6-month items and several 12 month things, but very little 9 month clothes. So, I visited a Children's Place outlet a few days ago and picked up several adorable onesies and shirts in 9 month size for only 99 cents each! I was so excited. If anyone is planning to visit a CP outlet soon, e-mail me for tips on how to find the deals.


  1. I'd say you are fully stocked!

    Here's hoping that M's cake splurge was just a rare splurge. I can't imagine how frustrating it must have been to see her and feel helpless about it, but at least Clio's due date is right around the corner. Not much longer now!!!

  2. Looks like you've got a lot of everything! You'll need it too. It's amazing how much stuff babies go through.

    As for the GD, it's a bear. And as long as her blood sugars are in order, she can have as much cake as her body can handle. Is she on meds for it or does she just control it with the diet? The baby could be 10lbs, but don't count on it. If things are controlled, the baby should be average weight, around 7-8 lbs.

    Can't believe how close it's getting!

  3. I think it would be really, really hard to go to a party where the person in your stomach was a key guest and not try some of the super-delicious cake. If she scarfed down multiple pieces, I'd be worried about what else she's eating. But it seems like a special occasion worth making an exception to the diet.

    I don't think 10 lb babies are THAT common, particularly when GD is managed. The only real-life friend I have who had GD had 6.5 lb babies. I, on the other hand, did not, and both my boys were over 9 lbs. I was surprised how long the 0-3 month stuff did fit -- about two months for Peter and three for Leo. Peter was 20 lbs at 4 months old. He wore 3-6 mo stuff from 2-3 months old, then 12 month stuff from 3-6 months, then 12-18 months from 6-18 months. Leo wore 3-6 month clothes from 3-6 months (ha, how original), then 12 month stuff from 6-18 months. He didn't hit 20 lbs until 8 months.

    Anyway, I bet you'll need 0-3 month summer clothes and 3-6 and 6-12 month winter clothes whether she's big or tiny because of the way the seasons fall.


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