Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Eeyore Update

Mollie was here to finish! Here's Eeyore's bog: And here's a close-up of the man himself:


  1. That is Beautiful!!! Each time you post pics, I am bowled over again to think this girl is a high school student. And, here I sit 31 years old, beaming proud when I'm able to just address a letter without screwing it up!

  2. Hi De! I totally agree. Every time I went upstairs to watch Mollie work I was always amazed by how easy she makes it seem. I think Eeyore's bog might be my favorite part of the room. Mollie did win an award from the Art Department this year as the best painting student, so I did pick the best :) Thank goodness I already knew her or she might have said no!

  3. I finally get to see Eeyore! Totally worth the wait! The walls are gorgeous. You're lucky to have such a talented student. :-) Not long now... hope you guys are getting in lots of rest and sex while you can.


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