Monday, June 16, 2008

Done! Except for poor Eeyore...

Mollie was here on Sunday and finished up all of the painting except for Eeyore's bog. J and I then cleaned up the room and laid the Flor carpet tiles I posted about in April. Here are the latest nursery pics!

This is the view walking in the door. You can see our old green couch here, which is in the nursery for a very practical reason: it is a sofa bed and J and I moved it up to this room to serve as a guest bed and we moved it by ourselves. If you've ever moved a sofa bed you'll understand why that was in italics. Now that it's in this room we are way to lazy to ever move it out. Plus, it'll make a great place to sit and nurse Clio and read to her eventually. Off to the left you can see Betsy Butterfly, Clio's laundry hamper from Amazon (a gift from my friend Adele). So cute!
Here is the view of the crib, and you can see her Moses basket on the floor on the right. That will eventually be in our room and she'll sleep there while I'm establishing breastfeeding.
Here is the view of the corner opposite the crib, where you can see Clio's bookshelves, changing table/dresser and diaper pail, with Rabbit in his garden above.
Finally, the is is the corner by the door where Eeyore is still sad about being last to be painted. Poor Eeyore. He'll get done tomorrow and I'll post a new picture just for Jen because he is her favorite. Poor Eeyore also has a purple bow on his tail because he had to be painted in a little girl's room.

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