Monday, October 12, 2009

One Year Old, Part Four

This post was going to be about "A day in the life of Evie Bea, age 1," but after I'd written about 2/3 of the post, I realized that it was reeeeally boring, because the joie de vivre of Evie's life is in the spontaneous moments and not in the everyday routine. So, instead I'm going to make something that I love. A bulleted list.

Evie's joie de vivre at one year old:

  • stealing our eyeglasses (and smudging the lenses)

  • toddling around naked before and after her bath, and pausing to pee on the floor (just like a puppy)

  • biting our fingers when we brush her teeth (again, just like a puppy)

  • putting her hands and feet in the dogs' water bowl (ahem)

  • crawling through the dog door (ummmm...)

  • stumbling around in the back yard (this is getting ridiculous)

  • begging for food from our plates (seriously)

  • going on walks with Daddy (although she gets to ride on his back...)

  • chewing on and/or eating our things when we aren't looking (paper, cell phones, keys, books, tissues, price tags, etc.)

This is what happens when you let a couple of people raise 2 dogs for 9 years and then give them a baby.

Back to my list:

  • being held up to look out of windows

  • seeing and touching animals, but especially dogs (she gives her dogs hugs these days, which they think is very odd)


  • TREES!!! "tee!"

  • touching, picking and destroying flowers

  • pushing things with wheels

  • kissing and hugging stuffed animals

  • reading books by herself (We are so annoying because we want to read every word and read the book front to back without skipping pages. What-evah.)

  • typing on computer keyboards
  • slides
  • being tickled

  • calling Mama's friends, and Grandma, on her cell phone

  • calling Dada's co-workers on his cell phone

  • being in a new place to explore

  • climbing on an adult-sized chair

  • walking up and down steps like a big girl (with help)

  • helping Mama get the mail


  • reorganizing (Washcloths go in Daddy's closet. Socks go in the guest room. Shoes go in the bathroom sink. Lovey blankets and dolls go in the bathtub. Toys go in the snack drawer. Toothpaste goes in the toy bin.)

  • playing the piano

  • anything that makes a sound when you shake, shake, shake it

  • Snacks!

  • Milk!

  • Cheese!

  • Frozen Yogurt!

  • watching older kids play

  • climbing over Mama and Dada on the floor

  • climbing over Mama and Dada in a chair

  • being carried in arms, a sling or a backpack

  • shoes

  • trashcans

  • emptying and filling containers (laundry basket, bucket of blocks, cup of water, etc.)


  • communicating effectively with her parents, whether through words, sounds, signs, pointing, body language or facial expressions

  • dancing to music

  • getting a smile from Mama or Dada

  • being outside

  • getting her hands on a book with paper pages

  • getting her hands on the remote control

  • learning something new

  • new toys

  • making noise

These are Evie's one-year-old joys.


  1. Orange outfit!

    Love the pretend phone calls that little kids do!

  2. +Yaya: Actually, they are real phone calls :) Evie is a little young yet for pretend play!

  3. This is the cutest entry - I love the first list!!!

  4. The line "This is what happens when you let a couple of people raise 2 dogs for 9 years and then give them a baby." is so funny! I might have to make some changes in our household...

  5. LOL! I love "This is what happens when you let a couple of people raise 2 dogs for 9 years and then give them a baby." She is too cute for words!


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