Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Adorable Short Videos

Instead of the fourth (and final) post about Evie's 1st birthday, I need to interrupt and immediately post the following short videos that I've shot over the last 2 days. For myself, for Evie's Nana, Papa, Grandma and Grandpa and anyone else who needs a quick dose of adorable:

Video #1 is from yesterday, when Evie found out just how much fun it is to feed her afternoon snack to the dog. She was giggling so hard she almost sounds like she is crying!

Video #2 is also from yesterday. We have a very strict schedule around here, and Evie has silent reading time every day after lunch for half an hour. Just kidding. Really, really kidding. But look:

Video #3 is also from yesterday. Here is Evie thoroughly enjoying her birthday gift from her Uncle D, Aunt A and Cousin C (a L*eapF*rog Fridge Farm). Please notice the following things as you watch:

1. Yes, she says "moooo." Hee hee.
2. The reason she falls down is that she's wearing sequined sandals with no traction. This was not my idea. They are hand-me-downs from a friend and she pulled them out of her shoe bin and sat in my lap, basically saying "these are the shoes I want." She thoroughly enjoyed clomping around in sequined butterfly shoes instead of her normal practical soft shoes.
3. When she looks like she's waving at the end, she's actually doing the duck quacking motion that I do with my hand when I sing "Six Little Ducks" to her.

OK, now you can watch it:

Video #4 is from today. Evie's latest babbling/jabbering sounds something like yodeling and I am thrilled to have captured it on video!


  1. Very cute videos! Thanks for posting them. I love the yodeling.

  2. OMG....Dan and I have watched the giggle video several times now and can't help but giggling ourselves, each time! It's wonderful! So glad you posted it. =)

  3. Ah! Love the ORANGE outfit in the last video!!!!

  4. This is such a wonderful age. Not yet into the tantrums of the 2s, but past the "lump" stage of infancy. :)

    Grant's first animal sound was "Moo" also. He insisted that was the answer to any question similar to: "X" says what?

    So, we have an Easter video of him that goes something like:
    Me: Grant, what does a cow say?
    Grant: MoooOOOO (He always emphasized the last portion)
    Me: Grant, what does the Easter bunny say?
    Grant: MoooOOOO
    Me: Grant, what does Aunt H say?
    Grant: MoooOOOOOOOOO

    It's hysterical. :)

  5. Finally got around to watching these! Wow, she's just growing up sooooo fast. It's mindblowing, really.


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