Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Forever Family Day

Dear Evie,

One year ago today we all sat in a court room (well, you slept) and a judge signed a paper that says you are officially, finally and forever adopted into our family. This didn't change anything about how we felt about you or how you felt about us; it only changed our family's status in the eyes of the legal system and enabled us to put our last name on your birth certificate and get you a Social Security number. But even though the day was just a formality, we want to celebrate Forever Family Day as more than a legal anniversary.

On this day, we want to talk to you about "Forever." It means there is...

...nothing in the world so big...
...nowhere in the universe so far away...
...no amount of time so long...
...nobody on earth so powerful...
...no event so horrible, or so wonderful...
...no change in our lives...
...nothing you could do, not even the worst thing you can think of...
...nothing you can say, really nothing...

...that will ever, ever make us stop loving you. We will love you FOREVER.

Mommy and Daddy


  1. This is beautiful, it gave me a tear! May I borrow your words for my letter to Charlie? :) I love how heartfelt, yet simple it is...says everything important in such a sweet way.

  2. Tears! I love it! I guess I didn't realize about the last name part- learn something new every day. Happy Forever Family Day :)

  3. Wonderful! She was such a little peanut! Wow time really flies!

  4. +Melba: thanks for asking, it is very sweet of you, yes you can borrow my wording, not a problem :)

  5. Happy Forever Family Day! What a sweet letter, Karen.

  6. Love this! Our son, the first, slept through his court appearance too!!!


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