Sunday, May 17, 2009

Out with the Old, In with the New

This weekend, some of Evie's things were banished to the attic until we adopt again. The items include her b*oppy pillow, B*umbo seat, play gym, bouncy seat and J*ohnny Jump Up. They joined some other items that went up there in past weeks, including her swing and bassinet. It is nice to clear out some of the baby clutter from the house, especially to have the bouncy seats gone. (The last time we had baby stuff in the attic was during infertility; this feels SO much better.)

So J and I, along with Evie, went out on Friday and scoured a neighborhood garage sale for new stuff to fill up the now-empty spaces. We scored! Here are some of our purchases:

A Radio Flyer tricycle in great condition for $10 (I do realize it will be quite awhile before Evie can ride this): Brand new-looking pink C*onverse high-tops in size 2. Eerily, I was bidding on an identical pair on eBay that same day and was outbid! We paid $2 for these and the winning bidder in the ebay auction paid over $10 plus shipping:

An Even*flo back carrier in great condition for $10! These retail for over $100 usually:

A walker that plays music, $2 (Evie took six steps with it yesterday, without our help, although J was hovering over her the whole time):
A L*ittle P*eople barn for $2. It came with only a chicken so I need to find more animals, but I have time since it's still too advanced for Evie:

A bead rollercoaster for $2!

We also scored 6-12 month R*obeez for $3, a baby swing to hang from a tree in the backyard, a few more toys, a C*arters brand snowsuit for next winter for $3 and a baby gate from Cra*igslist to keep Evie from playing in the dogs' water bowl.
It was a great shopping weekend!


  1. WOW! You seriously ROCKED the yard sales!!!! I'm totally impressed.

    And, Evie looks STUNNINGLY cute in her girly Chucks!

  2. You really did score big time! Love the pink Chuck Taylors...what a bargain!!

  3. Huge fan of the bargain shopping. And I think your percentage savings and value-for-dollar beat the thrift store clothes I have been compulsively buying recently (though I do need summer skirts more than a tricycle).

    Also, I have a question. You said "during infertility" - is that behind you, now that you have Evie? (I don't mean that I think the answer should be one thing or another - I wouldn't know!) Have you made a transition from IF to parents-by-adoption-now-and-future? How did that work? (I hadn't considered this as a possibility, so I'm really interested to hear how that experience was/is. I mean, if you want to share, of course!)

  4. +Misfit: Good question! The short answer is that I'm still biologically infertile and I still have some of the trappings of it (envy of pg women is still frequent and I still have some angst with AF). I also strongly empathize with IFers and identify with the IF community. But, when I think about my life in terms of a movie script (not that it would make a good movie, it's just an analogy) it goes: Air Force brat, UVA, marriage, infertility, adoption, parenthood. I use "infertility" as a code word for the period of time when we were TTC with our RE, which isn't really an accurate usage of the word. The longer answer needs its own post, because it involves some of the things we were chatting about in our blog comments a couple of weeks ago...stopping myself now before I type out an entire blog post in a comment. :)

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE garage sales! There are some real deals out there! The hitops are adorable :-)

  6. You got some great deals!! I love it when that happens!

  7. Yeah, those are some seriously awesome deals, good job! I can imagine that it feels good to get rid of some of the baby clutter!



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