Friday, May 15, 2009

Bath Time

Evie had her first bath in the big bath tub this week, so here is a retrospective of the bathing beauty, just for fun.

Birth Day:

Two weeks old:
One month old:

Two months old:

Three months old in the big tub with an inclined bath seat:

First time in the duck tub at 6 months old:

This week in her first big girl bath:

For one simple reason: the inflatable duck tub sprang a leak. Evie has done great so far in the big tub, although I need to find some anti-slip decals for the bottom because the duck decals shown in the above picture lifted from the bottom and floated away after a couple of minutes. Worthless. I even scrubbed the tub well and cleaned it with alcohol before applying them and they still didn't stick worth a darn.

Evie is fearless in the water and tries to crawl, pull up and roll around. We keep the water level low so that she can crawl without putting her face in the water. She loves to splash of course. We'll both enjoy our swim lessons that will start in early June.


  1. It's funny to see how big she was even at just a few weeks!

    And that duck tub is FABULOUS. I seriously need one for myself.

  2. Yay for swim lessons and bath time, Evie is so cute...I like the progression from then to now. :)


  3. Such cute pictures! You guys are going to love swimming lessons. I know Butterfly and I did! :)

  4. We use one of those bath mats with the suction cups on the bottom. We put it down right before we fill the tub and hang it up to dry like a towel after. It works great for us. We haven't put Samuel in the big tub yet but he is quickly outgrowing his baby/toddler tub.

  5. I love the retrospective! It's amazing to see Evie looking like such a grown-up little girl in the big tub. She looks so cozy!

    I forgot to tell you we sprang for a ducky tub. Snippet is in love with that giant duck!

  6. Love the bathtub sequence! :) Where did time go that she's already outgrowing some of her baby items?

    Oh, and LOVE the high tops! I've been looking for black ones for baby boy, but they're like $25 brand new! I don't even spend that much on MY shoes!! I'll have to try eBay! :)


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