Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Milestone: First Gift Opening

I have a few different posts fermenting in my brain right now. An 8 month review of cloth diapering. A manifesto about the superiority of Classic Pooh to Disney Pooh. Ruminations about the bittersweetness of Mother's Day. A video of the crawling, baby cartwheels and pulling up that are happening around here. A picture of the first tooth emerging. Etc.

Instead, for now, I'm going to offer some photos of a silly milestone. Evie's first time opening a present on her own. We were in Minnesota this past weekend for the wedding of one of J's cousins. While we were there, Evie got to meet her Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa for the first time. These are J's dad's parents. They were ecstatic to see her, and brought her a present. It's the first time we've encouraged her to open a gift herself, and we got a taste of what her first birthday may be like.

Confused but curious at first:

Cool, I got a book with a blue monster on the front. I've never watched Sesame Street so I have no idea who he is:

I wonder if this book would make a good hat?

Cool, I got a teething ring. My teeth hurt a lot these days. Thanks guys, I needed this!

Until Mom gets around to putting it in the fridge, I wonder if it would make a good hat?


  1. That is so cute! Does everything become a hat??

  2. Haha!! So cute! Love the hat. (It's the cookie monster. Or did they change him to the vegetable monster? I can't remember if they officially did that or not.)

  3. She looks so little sitting there! But she sure seems to know what she's doing in the present wrapping department! I love the way she truly looks at each thing... did she even play with the paper? Or is she simply beyond that and going straight to the good stuff...?

  4. Adorable!

    And I totally agree with you! Our nursery is going to be Classic Pooh.

  5. +Yaya: yep, everything goes on the head these days.

    +Safire: :) I meant that Evie doesn't know who he is, but I do! :)

    +NewestNewsome: She didn't play much with the paper, I think because I've let her play with tissue paper before so it wasn't new.


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