Friday, April 24, 2009


I got up early today. Really got. up. early. for the first time in a long time. Usually either J feeds Evie at 5-6 AM or I feed her then (if J is traveling or something) and Evie and I both go right back to sleep until 8 or so. But last night a friend's teenage son stayed over while she was at a retreat and he needed to get up at 6 to get ready for school. Evie decided that was a great time for a bottle too, and between the two of them and hungry dogs I ended up eating, drinking coffee, and being up for the day. However, Evie still wanted to go back to sleep until 8 after her bottle.

So. I have figured out how to do this mom thing, I think! I was able to shower, dress, put on makeup, feed the dogs, check e-mail, read a few blogs, put in a load of laundry, unload the dishwasher and a few other small tasks. All before Evie even woke up for the day. I was ready, I was set! I had a plan! There are a couple of neighborhood yard sales going on this weekend and they started this morning at 8 am. I was ready to go at 7:45, diaper bag packed, stroller in the trunk, everything. When Evie woke up I was going to feed her some cereal and then hit the sales early. My mission? Gently used toys. I don't currently have any soft plastic/rubber balls that I can use out on the porch to roll around with Evie and teach her to bounce, roll and kick them (eventually) and she doesn't have any little T*onka type cars or trucks. I know she'll be a girly princess eventually, but the feminist side of me would dearly like to get her interested in dump trucks and trains.

OK, so what happened? I was sitting at my computer at 7:45, waiting for Evie to wake up, and suddenly a brigade of construction vehicles rolls down our little street.

Background: our road has needed to be repaved ever since we moved here. When we push Evie in the stroller along the street (and we have no sidewalks because it's an older street), I have to zig-zag the stroller and avoid the big cracks and potholes so that I don't rattle her out of the stroller!

Great, new pavement. But today? They closed our street. THEY CLOSED OUR STREET FOR THE DAY. I was ready, with makeup on for goodness sake, to hit two major neighborhood sales at 8 am when they opened and the city closed our street for the day! I'm trapped in my house with makeup on! PRIMAL SCREAM.....................

*ETA: the construction equipment is not helping the nap situation, either, by the way.*

*ETA on 4/25: just to clarify, we did get a notice about the repaving but it rained on the intended day and we didn't get a notice about the rain-out date. But I should have known they'd come since it was a beautiful day.*


  1. I think they should be absolutely required to forewarn you about these things first. (Otherwise, it's false imprisonment or something. OK, not really, since you can walk, but whatever.)

    The yard sales may be over by now, but do you have a friend on a neighboring block whose car you can borrow? I would lend mine, but I'm not sure it's within walking distance :)

  2. It figures, right? All dressed and ready and no where to go. Sorry the plans didn't work out for today. It sounds like it would have been fun.

  3. ARg!! Don't you hate it when that happens?! You think you have it all figured out and something throws you for a loop. Hope you had something fun to do inside.

  4. Is this a sick joke? Can they really close your street without telling you? What the heck? What if you had a dr. appt or something? How rude.

    No, Andy didn't really cry. I swear it. When he was a newborn he would scream bloody murder when his diaper was being changed for a couple of seconds. That was it. If he grunted or made a noise that meant he was upset. I learned from taking care of a baby with colic that if you anticipate their needs they don't need to was great. Eli, however, needed to be held all the time. Which means he cried alot more because it's not realistic when you have other children and life in general. But it wasn't too bad like I hear about from other moms. I wonder what Ava will be like?

  5. That's just evil! You didn't get a warning letter or anything?

  6. +Misfit, Jennifer and Yaya: I added a note to the bottom of the post to clarify :) They did warn us but then it rained on the intended day. Yesterday was the rain-out date and we didn't get a notice about that. Sigh.


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