Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pictures and Captions for a Sunday Afternoon

Why she got a bath two nights in row for the first time since birth (ricotta cheese and peas):

After calming down from the face-wiping-screaming:
Practicing her crawl on our screened porch's carpeting (our only carpeting is there, in her nursery and in the basement):
"Ummmm...does this look right, Mom?"

Phoebe: "I don't like the look of this."

As always, trying to crawl away from the soft surfaces and toward the bonk-worthy zones:

She often does this; she puts one knee and one foot down:

This is how the pulling up starts:

Halfway there (she didn't make it all the way up this time; I'll try to capture it again another time):

She didn't pull up, I stood her up, but she stood at the table for a few minutes before plopping down onto her bottom:

She loves to watch tree branches waving in the wind outside our windows:
Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa for the activity table, she loves it! :)


  1. Ricotta and peas? Is that...French?

  2. These pictures are so cute!

  3. She is changing so much! I can't believe that she is getting to be so big. We are for sure going to come your way in June...let's get together!

  4. I too am intrigued by this ricotta and peas tell...

  5. :^D Well, it wasn't peas and ricotta mixed together, it was ricotta, then peas. She's not too sure about ricotta yet. It's day 4 of offering it to her and she's okay with it when it's mixed with fruit but less sure when it's plain. She loves peas. I have a baby food book ("Mommy Made") that suggests introducing soft cheese between 7 and 9 months, so we tried ricotta this week and we'll try cottage cheese next week. It's nice to introduce something into her repertoire of solids that has more protein in it than fruits and veggies do, which is why we also introduced chicken and turkey. Next month I might try tofu, although J is against it on principle! :)

  6. She is just BEAUTIFUL!!! Look at those big cheeks!! So sweet!!!

  7. I suspect my comment was eaten. Boo. See if this one posts.

  8. Okay, then.
    Previous comment attested to how Snippet heartily agrees that there is nothing in the known universe worse than face-wiping. Nothing. Ever. In the world.

    I'm totally doing tofu, too! Dan is gagging on Snippet's behalf.


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