Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

It took 20 tries to get this shot, and it's still not perfect. Her shirt says "Love our Planet," not "Love our Plane." :)


  1. She is such a smiley little bugger!

  2. She is SO adorable! I love her shirt, and her always stylish longies :)

  3. So cute!! How did people get good shots before digital???

  4. I visited your blog after seeing the link on BBC. What a moving story! I got sucked in and spent about 2 hours the other night reading it! It made me laugh and cry and rejoice with you family.
    My daughter spits up all the time, too. Solids made it less, but now it's pretty colors and thicker. Here's hoping they grow out of it by 1 year!
    Evelyn is gorgeous and seems to be a very happy and content baby.

  5. What are you saying! It is perfect!

  6. +Yaya...I just meant that you can't read the "t" on the shirt when I said it isn't perfect :)

    +Chappell3...thank you so much! About the spitting up...from your mouth to God's ears. If she's not done by a year I'm going to lose my mind! Recently I did a whole load of laundry that was just soft toys she'd spit up on. :)


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