Monday, September 15, 2008

Perfect Moment Monday

This inspired me to join the "Perfect Moment Monday" crowd today.

My perfect moment was hearing the coffeemaker beep, opening the fridge to get out milk for my coffee and discovering that J had bought the milk I like. Usually he grocery shops at Super Target and brings home organic milk, which is fine, but I prefer the local dairy's milk in glass bottles from HyVee. Usually I have to be the one to do the shopping in order to get this milk, but he did the shopping yesterday before he left for a business trip to SLC. I woke up this morning missing him, but felt his love across the miles as I opened the bottle and milked my morning coffee. Perfect.

OK, not so perfect addendum: yes, you read correctly, J is out of town and R is 39 weeks pregnant. Doesn't compute, right? He has a conference in SLC this week and is scheduled to be home on Thursday afternoon, but his tickets are flexible and there are 3 flights per day out of SLC that he can trade in his ticket for at a moment's notice, if R goes into labor. While he's getting back, I have friends here who are happy to be my substitute spouses and support me as I rush to the hospital and wait and...etc. All three are wonderful women from my church who have been supporting us and loving us through all of our infertility and adoption drama and I'll be happy to share the experience with them while J is in transit. But, I'm praying that Clio holds off until her due date; if she's born next weekend after J's return, we'll have to wait until Monday to get custody in court (just like the Lucy weekend).

One last note: Apollo's appetite is back and he is doing much better!


  1. So glad you're having and contributing Perfect Moments!

    I know you have so many yet to come. Good luck in the coming days for synchronization and a smooth journey.

  2. Yay on the milk and Apollo! And best wishes for your hubby to be home on time for the birth!

  3. Wow, your hubby and I keep missing each other but going to the same places. I just got back from SLC. They are having nice weather. Hope he likes it there! :)

    And good luck these next couple of days. I'll be thinking of you!

  4. I like the idea of Perfect Moment Monday, and yours today sounded awfully nice. =)

    Crossing my fingers that Clio's arrival is perfectly timed so J. won't miss a thing!


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