Wednesday, September 17, 2008


If R doesn't have Clio by Friday, the docs will induce her then. Our SW says it's probably because she's Medicaid and they don't want to have to come in on a weekend to deliver her. Sigh.

R also told our SW that she loves the name "Evie," so I'm relieved to have the birth mom seal of approval. I'd hate to have her dislike the name!


  1. Sending up prayers for a safe and uninduced delivery! That is wonderful that R likes the name as well.

  2. How crazy is it that they won't even let her get to her due date?!!! Grrrrr in general (but a secret YAY for you!)

    Okay, now I'm off to feel guilty for my secret yay.....

  3. It's getting closer.....Can't wait to see pictures of little Evie. I LOVE that name and am glad R likes it too. I don't know what I'd do if a b. mom decided she didn't like the name we picked out!


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