Monday, August 11, 2008

One more blanket...

Well, the last thing that Clio needs is another blanket, particularly a "lovey" blanket, as she has a couple of dozen blankets of one sort or another already, including 3 "loveys," plus a quilt on the way from my mom (which is going to be a gorgeous keepsake quilt with a Classic Pooh theme) and two crocheted afghans on the way from a friend and my late grandpa's wife (not my grandma). However, none of these dozens of blankets that she already has were made by me, so here is my contribution to the stash:

I made this last night, after a trip to Jo-Ann Fabric yesterday afternoon. It is in the style of T*gg*es brand blankets, which are very popular because babies love to rub and chew on tags. It's common for babies to suck on the tags on stuffed animals or play with the tags on their clothing or someone else's clothing, so these blankets cater to that impulse by providing lots of tags to choose from! A blanket like this is $24.95 from T*gg*es, but I made it for less than $4 and it only took 1/2 hour to finish. The blanket is a super-soft fleece, light pink with embossed stars. I bought 6 inches each of seven different ribbons, cut them in half to make two tags of each ribbon and then folded the ribbon halves in half again to sew them into the seam of the blanket (the blanket is backed with the same fleece, although some loveys use a silky fabric for the backing).

The upper left tag is a bit wonky because I got it too close to the corner, but Clio won't care. If I'd paid more for the materials or spent more time on it, maybe I would have ripped out the seam and done it over, but I didn't and I won't. :) I'm working hard at subduing some of my perfectionist tendencies so that I'm not an uptight mom.

Doesn't it seem obvious that if I can make this for $4, it would be a great ebay business to make these and sell them for less than the $24.95 T*gg*es price? Yeah, lots of people have tried it and T*gg*es is quick to throw patent law at them and threaten to sue them, so if you want to make one of these, don't sell it!


  1. That is very cute! Homemade things are the best! I'm not as crafty as you, but my mom is a quilter and has made a few blankets for my son and they are the only ones he will use. He refuses to use a store bought blanket! :)

    Glad to see you are keeping busy and I really wish you and your husband the best of luck! Clio will be a very lucky girl to have you guys as parents! :)

    --Amanda C. (former TTC iParenting board member)

  2. Love it! My girlfriend makes these, and her babies seemed to love them!

  3. Cute! I'm sure she will love it!

  4. That is just super-cute, and you are a crafty genius! Clio's one very lucky baby!


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