Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dear Julie Andrews,

For the past 18 months you've been my parenting mentor. Whenever I find myself in a tricky situation with my daughter, I ask myself WWMPD? What Would Mary Poppins Do? Usually, the answer is "sing a song!" I have solved many parenting dilemmas with random singing. And, just like Mary Poppins, I carry 8 tons of handy equipment in my bag.

It doesn't stop there. Like Fraulein Maria, I have tried to be "firm, but kind" in disciplining my daughter. Like Maria and M. Poppins, I find that the answer to many parenting issues is an "outing" to play (and sing) in the fresh air. I have tried to be "practically perfect in every way."

But recently I realized something. My parenting mentors are not parents! They are nannies! Sure, they can be perfect because they have the benefit of constructing a relationship with their charges before they come to love them. They can be perky and practical because they aren't emotionally invested in everything the children do and say. They love their charges, but not too much, not like a mother does. Now I realize why my mothering has been mostly imperfect in many ways. I have had impractical mentors.

I am at a loss. I need you to make a new movie in which you play the role of a stay-at-home mother. Until it is released, I'll be fumbling through motherhood without a compass. Rescue me from all of this uncertainty, please.



  1. This is such a cute post. I too heart Julie Andrews. I think you're doing a great job- Evie seems to be very smart, capable, confident, and of course adorable :) I'd say what you're doing is working- keep singing!

  2. I wouldn't think of them as impractical. Maria married Captain Von Trapp so she was emotionally invested with the children. Mary Poppins loved those kids (and I think she had a secret romance with Dick Van Dyke)!
    Whatever you do is working- Evie is very advanced in pretty much all areas of her development.
    Julie Andrews has obviosly been a wonderful role model thus far, so keep singing and teacher her the joys of life!

  3. Thanks guys :) The post was really meant tongue-in-cheek, but it's based in reality. I realized that as a mom it's just not realistic to try to be "practically perfect in every way." It just makes for frustration, for me at least.

  4. SO true...and I can especially say that since I went from being a nanny to being a mommy! I have eaten many a word of my own wisdom since little C. came along!

    The love trips us up for sure but it also protects and nourishes them so I think the balance is still there.

    Everybody needs somebody to love them as much as a mama loves her baby!!


  5. Ah smart you are.. I'm afraid I probably didn't realize that 'being exactly perfect' wasn't exactly possible and certainly not practical.. till I had two kids in my arms (so around 21m into my motherhood).

    It's a bit of a harsh reality.. and yet at the same time a huge relief at the same time :)!


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