Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Grandma's Vacation Photos

Ummmm...my mom went to Virginia with us last week and yet only ended up in a couple of the pictures. Sorry, Mom. But she got some great shots of Evie, and me, and Evie's G.G. Enjoy Grandma's pictures!

Evie enjoys looking out of windows these days:

And she LOVES touch and feel books:

She is obsessed with dishwashers (pictured with G.G.):

And may be getting some top teeth soon, judging by the drooling and chewing:

Did I mention she loves books? G.G.'s bookshelf got emptied more than once during our visit:

Her favorite book is still Goodnight Moon. It was on the "must remember to pack" list:

We were on the go all week and she took several naps in her car seat, which is unusual these days. She hardly ever falls asleep in the car anymore, and almost never in a carrier or stroller. But vacation shakes things up:

She is learning to brush her two bottom teeth:

And learning to use those teeth to take bites from food that hasn't been cut up for her:

Evie and I got to spend a lot of time with friends, in addition to visiting G.G., and one of those visits was with Diana and Payton (we also loved hanging out with Jen and Deanna). Check out Diana's blog for a picture of Evie and Payton in C*hipotle together. I think it's so cute that they have on contrasting overalls. We didn't plan that. :) Evie and Payton were born and adopted only days apart, and I love reading Diana's blog. She almost always says something about Payton that makes me exclaim "Evie is exactly the same way!" And because we are both Wahoos, Christians and adoptive moms, I almost always agree with what she has to say. I'm glad we get to be IRL friends now!


  1. LOVE the pictures! :-)

    Just for you, I posted a couple new ones of Eric and Rachel on my blog. ;-)

  2. Aww, adorable. Sleeping pictures are alway so angelic. And those cheeks of hers are just too bitable! :-)

  3. She is absolutely adorable. I feel like such jerk that I never e-mailed you regarding your friend with Type 1 diabetes. Let me know if I can still help.

  4. She is just getting cuter and cuter! And how awesome is it that she loves books already.


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