Monday, July 20, 2009

10 Months Old

Having just gotten back from a trip to Virginia, I am overwhelmed with unpacking and getting things back to normal, so the text in this post will be succinct. We were flying yesterday, on Evie's 10 month birthday, so I took pictures and video one day late. The video is OK, nothing great, so I'll edit it sometime this week and post it eventually. Here are some of the best photos from month 10 of Evie's life. There are more from our trip, on other people's cameras, so they will probably surface later.

For starters, here are a couple of photos from today's birthday diaper photo shoot:

Here is the "winner:"

...and Evie's month 10 in pictures...

Separation anxiety and Mommy's need to do laundry result in some strange consequences:

When J and his dad tried to take photos with Evie (on Grandpa's birthday), none of them were "perfect." This one is the best of J and his dad simultaneously, and Evie is cute no matter what (to us), so here is the "winner:"

p.s. Cool shirt, Grandpa! (it's from his gym)

Evie has become more...curious...this month. This has lead to some sticky situations. This particular instance has two views. Top:


Playing at a mall kids' area this month:

If you can accurately identify all of the foods on her tray, I'll send you a prize (seriously):

Swing!! Thanks, Daddy.

Our little climber in the Detroit airport (layover) last weekend:
Let the U.Va. indoctrination officially begin! (with her Grandma and G.G./Great Grandma in Charlottesville):

Eating cheese cubes on G.G.'s china plates:
Visiting the Washington Mall for the first time:

In the grass of the National Gallery's Sculpture Garden:

Playing Three Stooges with Deanna's Snippet (he was pulling her hair while she poked his eyes...Zoinks!):

Cruising (and posing) on a sculpture that she wasn't supposed to be touching (whoops):

We have officially skipped the sippy cup phase and moved right on to the juice box epoch:

Playing inside my suitcase as we packed to leave D.C. and head back to Charlottesville:

I'll save the bulk of my writing about this month for a later post, but here is a summary:
1. Evie is an extroverted morning person and I am an introverted night owl. We're compromising. I mean, I'm becoming an extroverted morning person. Yeah.
2. She is sweet, curious, energetic, funny, independent and unpredictable. I get to know her better and better each day...leading to loving her more and more each day. I'm a little worried that if this trend continues, my heart just might grow three sizes, like the Grinch, and explode into soft, fuzzy fireworks over our house.


  1. I hopped over here from the DS boards....your DD is adorable!! What a blessing.... As for the food on her tray, I see one cheerio, peas (or diced green pepper?), strawberries (or red pepper?), and macaroni..... that is my best guess, and the possible pepper stems from the fact that my 10 mo loves them! :)

  2. Sounds like a great month!

  3. Cherrio, corn (pineapple?), peas amd strawberry?
    She is so cute! Getting so big! I always love the diaper pic! Pretty soon she wont be cruising- but RUNNING! I love Grampa's shirt!

  4. Cheerios, peas, corn, strawberries, grapes and lunchmeat.
    And you made me cry with the comment about your heart exploding. There are times that I snatch up my little guy, squeeze him tight and kiss him all over the face and just explain, Mommy can't help herself sometimes. I either have to cover him in love or explode.

  5. She is such a beautiful little girl.

  6. Oh she is such a little beauty and always gives me reasons to smile! I LOVE that diaper shot where she's holding her foot...PRECIOUS!!

    Thanks for your great advice on my/our most recent blog post...I had to smile. :)



  7. So... what was on that tray of hers? Curious minds want to know ;)

  8. + Just Another Day in Paradise: Sorry, I'm going to stay mum for another couple of days and wait for any more entries :)

  9. What was on the tray? peas, grapes, puffs, strawberries, cheese, cantaloupe, watermelon and pineapple. I had bought a mixed fruit salad and cut up a variety of fruit for her. The end result was very colorful! I have enough prizes for everyone who "entered" so just send me your address through my e-mail: cliobabyblog at gmail dot com

  10. I love the pic of her posing with the sculpture! My first thought was, "And, here we have a lovely metallic who's-it-what's-it, circa 20th century....."


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