Monday, January 26, 2009

Tummy Time

Just for fun, pictures of Evie in Tummy Time at different ages. I was thinking last week about how much she used to hate it vs. how much she seems to like it (in limited quantities) now.

One week old:

One month old:

Two months old:
Three months old:
Four months old:


  1. Great series of shots!! That's awesome to see her progress!

  2. It is amazing to see how much they grow, isn't it? What a great way to see her progress!

    Here from ICLW.

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  4. She's gorgeous! Your little one is growing so fast!

  5. She really is just so precious. You're so blessed to have gotten to be with her from the first.

  6. I'm so jealous of your devotion to tummy time! We chickened out early on when Snippet's shrieking at the first touch of tummy to floor reached terrifying pitches! When I do sneak in a few minutes of tummy time, he definitely isn't all up and proud like Evie. Wimpy boy.....


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