Monday, January 5, 2009


No adoption post today/tonight. I think I cursed myself yesterday by even mentioning Evie's napping. Argh! How can she sleep so well at night in her crib and then absolutely refuse to stay asleep there during the day? (I think I know the answer...lots of sunlight coming in her two nursery windows, despite the shades and curtains.)

Today she didn't nap for more than 10-15 minutes at a time (5-10 of those minutes in my arms each time, 0-5 of the minutes in the crib before waking) from about 10 AM until 4:20 PM when I finally gave in and let her nap in my arms until J came home and took her so that I could have a break. I don't think I need to mention here that much wailing and fussing ensued.

I am having a stubborn mommy fit here, and Evie is having a stubborn baby fit, so we are driving each other nuts. I have decided that since she's 3 months old she needs to learn to nap in her crib so that I can get stuff done around here (like my New Year's resolutions...and blogging about adoption profiles...and mopping the floor). The technique I'm using is to get her asleep in my arms and then lay her in the crib. If she wakes up, I go back in and soothe her to sleep again, then lay her in the crib. Repeat, repeat, repeat. The upside is that I am getting a lot of my current book (The Shadow of the Wind) read as I'm sitting in the nursery getting her back to sleep. The downside is the collapse of my sanity.

Picture this: I have just gotten her asleep at about 1 PM and I'm convinced she's sound asleep and will actually have a decent nap. I'm tiptoeing around the house doing things like dishes, laundry...and installing her new Boon Frog Pod in the bathroom. I have prepped the shower wall, removed the backing from the adhesive and am standing in the bathtub with the frog in my hands, gauging whether or not it is centered. I am about to extend my arms forward about three inches and let the adhesive begin to bond to the shower wall. Steady...steady...the doorbell rings. It's the mailman. Phoebe begins barking frantically. Evie begins wailing hysterically. I jump out of the bathtub and place the frog on the bathroom counter, adhesive side up. I quickly decide to get the door before the baby and as I am dashing down the stairs I hear a tremendous clatter in the bathroom. Evie is startled into momentary silence and then begins screaming more furiously..."Mommy was DOING SOMETHING...I know it!" Sure enough, after receiving our mail (got a package, hence mailman at the door) and calming Evie, I find that the frog is now adhered to the bathroom floor. Seriously. I fixed it eventually and we are all good, but come on, is that not a scene right out of Parenthood? Yes, I know, I'll put a sign on the door saying "don't ring the bell, baby is sleeping!"

Anyhow, hopefully tomorrow will be better. And before you comment with advice for me about the napping (don't get me wrong, I love advice), here are my objections beforehand:
  • I won't do "cry it out," we are doing modified attachment parenting
  • I won't put her in her swing to nap anymore because I want to teach her good napping habits and I don't want her still needing to nap in a swing when she's 1. We do use the swing with her car seat when she falls asleep in the car and then we get home and want to prolong the nap.
  • I won't push her in a stroller or take her for a drive in the car or any other type of movement in order to lull her into a nap, for the same reason I won't use the swing anymore. I'm all for stroller rides and babies who sleep in cars, but I don't want to use those things as a crutch to help me get her to sleep. Same goes for wearing her; I'm all for wearing her and letting her sleep in a sling or a wrap, but I don't want to use it as a crutch so that she'll only nap in there.

I'm just being stubborn about this because she sleeps perfectly in her crib at night. I have convinced myself that the same is possible during the day. I'm working on that assumption. Evie, on the other hand, cares nothing for my silly theories. She likes to nuzzle in Mommy's arms during daytime naps, and that is that.

OK, so in the time I just spent writing this I could have worked on that adoption profile post. Whoops. OK, using reverse psychology this time: since Evie will surely refuse to nap tomorrow, it will probably be late in the week by the time I finally post about adoption profiles. (wink, wink) Hope that works.


  1. Let me start by saying that there is a big difference between fussing and crying, eh? We let G fuss for awhile and he'll fuss himself to sleep. He's turned into a fantastic napper. Also- does she have a special blankie or something she's attached to? That also helps G- he loves to snuggle in his blankie. M would NEVER nap until she was about 6 months old so I feel your pain :)

  2. When you go back in to sooth her (after she has been laid down alseep already) do you take her out of the crib? Have you tried rubbing her back (or tummy) and talking/singing/whatever works but leaving her in the crib? I know that every baby is different, and everyone has a different style of parenting, but this worked for us.

  3. I'm wondering if you have a white noise machine for her room - or would even want to use one. I'm also wondering if you would want to put her in bed drowsy - not asleep. Just a thought. I think the idea of a blankie or something might help. Good luck! May the most stubborn girl win!

  4. I used a lot of music with mine. The Boy loved Mendelssohn. Good luck!

    Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  5. Haven't you learned the cardinal rule of thumb for baby's napping? The length of time they will nap is in inverse proportion to the amount of things you need to get done. Good luck :)

  6. This sounds like you're having an awful time. I hope she takes a nap for you! Maybe you should put off the post and have one yourself!

    And thanks for saying I'm an online Dickens. I beamed so hard my face cracked. You made my day.

  7. Ahh...naps. I feel your pain. Good luck!

  8. I am sorry you are getting nothing done, but it's so funny to see how strong willed she already is. You are in for it in about 12 years. Don't rush the profile post on my account. I still have plenty of time.

  9. I completely empathize. I still remember those days when I, too, could not get much done because my babies would not nap very long. It was hard for me to just let them cry and cry at that age (wasn't so hard as they got older). Finally, I just accepted the fact that that was how it had to be for a while. My chores would still be there waiting for me at the end of the day when hubby gets home and could help out. To be honest, sometimes I wished they wouldn't take a nap because I miss them so much while they were napping!

    I hope you'll find something that will help with your daughter's napping habits.

  10. My 4 month old is not really a napper either. We are also weaning him from napping in his swing. He sleeps all night in his crib but generally wakes up after 20 minutes or so for naps. We occasionally get longer naps but those tend to be the exception rather than the rule. I am trying to put him in his crib drowsy but awake (same as I do at night) and if he is fussing/crying, I try to soothe him without taking him out if I can. Good luck.


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