Saturday, October 18, 2008

Weight Check

According to our bathroom scale and our method of measurement (described in the previous post), Evie is 9 lbs. She still fits into her newborn sleepers. So there, doc.


  1. As long as she stays somewhere on the growth charts...don't stress. She's still tiny and finding her proportions. My son wasn't even on the charts for the first 6 weeks since he was a preemie...then he finally was scalable (is that even a word?) and it took a few more months for him to figure out his proportions. By 5months he found his groove and while he has fluctuated between 50-75%, his height and weight have remained in proportion (height percentage always a little higher than the weight...and head circ has always been in 95%.) Give her time to find her groove. And I agree with you on the on-demand feedings. They have such little control over their lives...figuring out they can ask for food has to give them comfort and confidence.

  2. Don't feel bad about her weight! I know moms who had babies in the 95% for weight and only the 25% for height, and at 9 months he filled out nicely. If she's hungry, I say let her eat! :-)


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