Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Portrait Session

Our friend Becca, who has a photography business, was wonderful to offer us a free session and came by on Friday afternoon. Here are some of the many shots she captured. She'll be back tomorrow afternoon to finish the shoot and I'll post more pics when I can. Enjoy!

During this part of the shoot she peed on her nursery couch...
The tutu I made!
I had to curl my fingers under because my nails are SO not done right now.
She stayed awake (and happy!) for most of the shoot, even though Becca wanted her asleep for some shots.
(in our hammock with Daddy)


  1. So sweet! She is so cute and chunky all ready. I love chunky babies. :) Your friend did a good job.

  2. HI! I was glancing over your blog (found the link on Yoka's) and quickly scanned your adoption story. It sounds like we havea few things in common...our son was born on 9-16-08 and joined our fam thru adoption on 9-17-08. I am also a Wahoo! Love the blog! And Evie is a cutie. You can see pics of our sweet boy on our blog

  3. Just venturing from Little Smiths again. I am glad that you all are doing well. She is absolutely beautiful.

  4. You guys hit the jackpot. She is just beautiful. :)

  5. Why didn't I see this before? She is so precious. I can't wait to see her in person!


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